Having celebrate the 75th annual of the Animalympics, they compete for another challenge in order to fight for the lion's kingdom.


Robin Williams - Batty Koda: The News announcer, and the broadcaster on the events on Animal Island, replacing Henry Hummel.

Billy Crystal - Rugs Turkell

Gary Oldman - Professor Hamilton Reeves: a Welsh born Peacock whom is the islands expert on anatomy, and the creator of the Cyber Fencing Arm, the Visual Helmet to withstand Blurrs from a Blizzard or Hurricane, and the artifical leg for the ones who were in the war.

Tim Curry - Count LeDracone - a Penguin whom is a Fencing Expert and he is based off of Drake from Pebble and the Penguin, and he has a Cybernetic Arm, he is the main antagonist.

Jeff Bennett - Jorgon Woods: an Irish Buffalo who entered the Boxing Ring.

Steve Venovich - Emil Avery: a Irish Puffin who is the reporter for the Gymnastics, and on the Tobogaing Challenge.

Kevin Michael Richardson - Neil Lloyd: a Zambezian Rhino, and the Challenger of Jorgon Woods.

Steven Blum - Fievel Alfalfa and Ronald McTaggert: Fievel a Cockney Rat from Cincinatti whom has entered the Gymnastics area, and Ronald a Scottish St. Bernard whom also entered the gymnastics area, and challenges Fievel.

Colleen O'Shuganessy - Ariel Ketka: a South African Lioness, whom entered Gymnastics, and has been a big fan of the Animalympics.

Olivia d'Abo - Lady Quartermain: a british Fox whom is the ski champion in the Swiss alps.



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