Ben and Rook are transported into another universe, where they team up with the Team, and Ben's old friend, but when Vilgax and Khyber teamed up with the Light on stealing an unknown weapon, they have to work together.


  • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal) - realized Khyber framed him by using the Panucian to commit the crime Ben never did commit....Destroy the Gates of Time
  • Rook Blonko (Bumper Robinson)
  • Team:
    • Aqualad (Khary Payton)
    • Nightwing (Jesse McCartney)
    • Kid Flash (Jason Spisak) - feels jealous of Ben "flirting" with Artemis, as she doesn't seem to know that he cares for her than his souviners
    • Superboy (Nolan North)
    • Miss Martian (Danica McKeller)
    • Artemis (Stephanie Lemelin)
    • Zatanna (Lacey Chabert)
    • Rocket (Denise Richards) - creates Ben's new clock.
    • Tempest (Yuri Lowenthal)
    • Aquagirl (Cree Summer)
    • Troia (Lacey Chalbert)
    • Robin II (Drake Bell)
    • Freddy Freeman/Lieutenant Marvel (Jason Marsden)
    • Mary Batson/Sergeant Marvel (Tara Strong)
    • Batgirl (Alyson Stoner)
    • Bumblebee (Masasa Moyo)
    • Lagoon Boy (Yuri Lowenthal)
    • Beast Boy (Logan Grove)
    • Mal Duncan (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Vilgax (Steve Blum)
  • Khyber (David Kaye) - helps Vilgax frame Ben on the crime Ben would never commit, Destroying the Gates of Time, and while doing that Vilgax would work with Luthor on the weapon called, Starlance, so he can plunge it into the core of the planet.
    • Panuccian (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • The Light:
    • Lex Luthor (Clancy Brown) - acts as his own, while Vandal Savage is busy
    • Sportsmaster (Nick Chinlund)
    • Cheshire (Kelly Hu)
    • Hellgrammite (Manu Bennett)
    • Riddler (Dave Franco)
  • Aliens used by Ben:
    • Heatblast (Steve Blum) - used to ???
    • Bigchill (Dee Bradley Baker) - used to ???
    • Buzzshock (Eric Bauza) - used to ???
    • Crashhopper (Dee Bradley Baker) - used to ???
    • Brainstorm (Corey Burton) - used to ???
  • Nemetrix Aliens used for Khyber's Pannucian:
    • Mucilator - used to ???
    • Buglizard - used to ???
    • Vicetopus - used to ???


Young Justice pursues Ben for a crime he didn't commit, Can Ben Clear his name?


  • This is a sequel to [1].
  • This is the mix up of DC and Man oF Action.
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