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  • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Kitty Pryde (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - is depicted shy and has a beautiful voice, and slowly falls in love with Ben
  • Tripp Campbell (Logan Miller)
  • Ash Tyler (Stephen Full)
  • Derek Jupiter (Steve Valentine)
  • Burger Pitt (Greg Baker)
  • Izzy Fuentes (Caitlyn Taylor Love)
  • Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt)
  • James Diamond (James Maslow)
  • Carlos Garcia (Carlos Pena, Jr.)
  • Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson)
  • Frankie Stein (Katie Griffin)
  • Draculaura (Debi Derryberry)
  • Clawdeen Wolf (Salli Saffioti)
  • Lagoona Blue (Laura Bailey)
  • Cleo De Nile (Salli Saffioti)
  • Deuce Gorgon (Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Ghoulia Yelps (Audu Paden)
  • Moe Howard (Chris Diamantopoulos)
  • Larry Fine (Sean Hayes)
  • Curly Howard (Will Sasso)
  • Mordecai (J.G. Quintel)
  • Rigby (William Salyers)
  • Benson (Sam Marin)
  • Gustavo Rocque (Steven Gramer Klickman)
  • Kelly Wainwright (Tanya Chisholm)
  • Zack and Cody Martin (Dylan and Cole Sprouse)
  • Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker)
  • Fred Jones, Jr. (Frank Welker)
  • Shaggy Rogers (Marrhew Lillard)
  • Velma Dinkley (Mindy Cohn)
  • Daphne Blake (Grey DeLisle)
  • Kyle Tennyson (Jesse McCartney)
  • Roderick Johnson (Ogie Banks)
  • Derek Kain (Adam Wylie)
  • Noah (Carter Hayden)
  • Justin (Adam Reid)
  • Katie and Sadie (Stephanie Anne Mills and Lauren Lipson)
  • Tyler (Peter Oldring)
  • Izzy (Katie Crown)
  • Cody (Peter Oldring)
  • Beth (Sarah Gadon)
  • Courtney (Emilie Claire Barlow)
  • Harold (Brian Froud)
  • Trent (Scott McCord)
  • Bridgette (Kristen Fairlie)
  • Lindsay (Stephanie Anne Mills)
  • DJ (Cle Bennett)
  • Geoff (Dan Petronijivic)
  • LeShawna (Novie Edwards)
  • Duncan (Drew Nelson) - has a rivalry with Ben
  • Heather (Rachel Wilson)
  • Gwen (Megan Fahlenbock)
  • Owen (Scott McCord)
  • Sierra (Annick Obonsawin)
  • Mike (Cory Doran)
  • Zoey (Barbara Mamabolo)
  • Cameron (Kevin Duhaney)
  • Dawn (Caitlynne Medrek)
  • B
  • Scott (James Wallis)
  • Caitlyn Cooke (Brooke D'Orsay)
  • Jen Masterson (Megan Fahlenbock)
  • Jonesy Garcia (Terry McGurrin)
  • Wyatt Williams (Jess Gibbons)
  • Jude Lizowski (Christian Portenza)
  • Rex Salazar (Daryl Sabara)
  • Fred Jones, Sr. (Gary Cole)


Season OneEdit

No. Title Plot Songs (sung by)
1 Pain and Suffering Gustavo Rocque summons singers for his own stage in a school, with rooms to sleep in, and to learn how to sing. It hurts by Wyatt Williams
2 Whales Tale Bridgette befriends a baby whale, whose fin is hurt, and attempts to help it swim. Poor little fella by Bridgette
3 Enter the Bee A bumblebee is lured into the school, when it keeps stinging Gustavo. Stings by Kitty
4 Day of the Dinosaur A dinosaur emerges from an ice rink underground, and attacks the school, with help from other dinosaurs. Down with the Dinos by Duncan
5 Machine Smith In a play for Pocahontas, Kitty is the title character, Ben is playing for the role of John Smith, but an accident occurs when he accidentally got stuck in the form of Upgrade, and must find a way to return back. Get Me Out by Ben
6 Under the Sea Bridgette volunteers as a host for a girl to sing, "Part of your World". Under the Sea by Ash
7 Iron Wreck Angered by Iron Weasel's lack of disturbing and rock and rolling, Gustavo decides to turn them into gentleman with more brains, and less brawns, but when it worked out well, Iron Weasel are turned into more gentle. What the Blazes by Scott and Jonesy
8 Whoa When Mike's personality disorder disturbs the singing class, Gustavo arranges for a doctor to relieve from his disorder, only to leave him with no memories, and Noah is Svetlana, Carlos is Vito, Geoff is Manitoba Smith and Curly is Chester, and Zoey worries for Mike's loss. Whoa by Zoey
9 Larry's confusion Fed up with Curly screwing up after getting the Glee version of Defying Gravity wrong, as Dawn got it right, Moe and Larry want him out of their team, and Curly hates being neglected, as Ben cheers him up and tells him that some people get fired, some people get new lives, which Curly thanks Ben for, as he decides to start a new life as a janitor, much to Ben's dismay, along with the others, now they must change Moe and Larry's minds to get Curly back. Curly!!! by Moe
10 Night of the Moon The gang goes to the moon to solve problems, and martians have their own song. "We Are Martians"
11 Dance, Dance, Dance Gwen doesn't want to sing or dance, because it annoys her, and Trent has to teach her dancing skills. Dance, Dance, Dance by Harold and LeShawna based off the Earth, Wind, and Fire version.
12 Pride and Envy Due to Sierra's annoying love towards Cody, Gustavo forces her to spend a day without Cody, who has broken her heart saying, "Sierra, there is no us, we're not married, we don't have any kids, it's all in your head", which makes Sierra after singing the song, "Oui, my friends", state, "Cody is...A PHONY!", and goes for Jonesy's former bosses, Blade and Christo. And now Cody must apologize for his selfish words, or he'll never speak to Sierra. Why Me by Cody.
13 Whirlwind The students are forced to hide in bathrooms, and stay calm when a whirlwind comes to the school. Cool Down - Sierra and Cody
14 Open House With the school destroyed and forced to repair, they are forced to move to Princeton University, where there is no music and just work, work, work. Always, Work, Work, Work - by Owen
15 Nightlight When the lights are out on Halloween night, they must find a nightlight in order to bring back the light. On Halloween, Ben is dressed as Sora's halloween town form from "Kingdom Hearts", Kitty is dressed as a corpse bride, Bridgette is dressed as Ariel, Gwen is dressed as a vampire, Trent is dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, Fred as a cowboy, Daphne as Catwoman, Shaggy and Scooby as Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, they then have a choice but to sing the Glee version of "Thriller/Heads will roll". Terror of the Night - by everyone.
16 Gold and Spices The teens search discover gold hidden somewhere in the school. Gold Fever by Jonsey
17 Realms of Moons When the Ponies step in, the girls start to adore the ponies, but the boys grow envious reminding them that they have to go. Shiny, Shiny, Shiny, by Twilight Sparkle
18 Tides Turned Having a rough day at school and singing and accidentally forgetting to set their alarm clocks and end up in each other's clothes, the teens decide to head out to the beach only to find strange tides. Going Under by Bridgette and Geoff
19 Some Other World Zack and Cody travel once again in another parallel universe, where Ben is just a cool guy with sunglasses, Kitty is a mermaid, and Izzy is smart and genius, Courtney is deranged lunatic and other changes. WIERD by Izzy
20 Middle of the Middle Ages They travel in a time machine to discover the Middle Ages. Name of the King by Scott
21 Arid Desert They check out the arid desert to look at some of nature's animals, and Dawn sees some of the nature's animals, when she sees a baby bird's wing broken, she becomes enraged with humanity treating Mother Earth badly and becomes Dawn, Queen of the Forest, as a grass she wrapped around her arm for the cut she had changed her, and animals now become loyal to her and they follow her, and they must figure out a way to bring her back. Ruining the World by Dawn
22 World War III Gustavo says a text, "I hate fortune cookies", which led a global war of China against America just to kill Gustavo, and they must figure out a way to stop him. Fortune by Gustavo
23 Dark of Night When a storm shuts off the light, they attempt to fix it. Who Turn off the Lights by everyone
24 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Ben's Omnitrix is messing up, causing 10 aliens (Heatblast, Wildmutt, Diamondhead, XLR8, Wildvine, Swampfire, Humongasaur, Chromastone, Blox and Gravattack) to break free and go rogue after Heather was tired of waiting for Ben trying to pick a perfect alien to turn into to help out as she attempts to take it, almost breaking Ben's arm causing an accident. 10 times worse by Heather
25 Drama When they keep seeing Geoff and Bridgette smooching all the time, Gustavo calls a doctor to help figure out why they keep doing it, it made Bridgette pregnant, causing a big strain in Geoff and Bridgette's relationship, because Geoff wants to wait to become a father to get married and Bridgette feels pregnant and alone, and they all must get them back together. Drama by the whole cast
26 Brains and Brawn When Lindsay accidentally ruined the Glee version of You Get What You Give, she is forced by Gustavo to study with a brain, and to be a genius, but she is turned into more of a genius when she got a brain, which shocks Tyler and Beth. Intellects a curse by Beth
27 Couples Retreat Upon their showering with the washer for fun, Gustavo says that Jacob (Played by Ben Affleck) is throwing a party at his beach house, and Gustavo feels jealous that Kelly once had a past with Jacob's assistant Neil (Justin Timberlake), and James and Carlos decide Gustavo gain his alpha male. At the party, Ben realizes since the day he left to join the school, his ex-girlfriend, Julie Yamamoto has been cheating on him for Duncan, leading to Ben to think Duncan is a womanizer, and he dates Kitty for an apology, while Courtney attempts to make Duncan and Julie jealous by having joker Sam Alexander as her boyfriend, something Justin feels jealous about. Wyatt feels shocked when his ex-girlfriend, Serena comes back to his life, and feels like he has a thing for Jen. Jonesy is elated when Nikki came back, and decide to convince her to come join him, while Kyle decides to re-connect with Odette, Alejandro unlikely returns to Heather's life. Gwen wants to get back with Trent so that she can get over "stealing" Duncan from Courtney, DJ tries to impress a girl named Ava Ayala, when he gets help from Rex, who is elated to see Circe, Jude attempts to get one shot at getting back with Starr, Shaggy feels like Velma is the right girlfriend, when Mary Jane, his love interest from the first live action Scooby-Doo film comes back to him, as well as Velma's boyfriend, Patrick Wisely comes along, Kendall and Logan feel like getting back with their girlfriends, Jo Taylor and Camille Roberts, Mike tries to act normal so he can be a better man for Zoey, so it couldn't their relationship. In the end, Ben apologizes to Kitty, as she understands that she once had a boyfriend named Alejandro, whom she realizes has been choosing money over her, and making her understand that Alejandro is a two-timing, lying womanizer, they confront him, then Ben decides to punch him for the heart-broken Kitty, but he won't sink to Burromuerto's level, so Kyle admits that he will, kicking Alejandro onto Owen, who accidentally farts on him, humiliating him, Kitty tells Al, "Our relationship has been terminated", dumping Alejandro, and moving on with Ben. Under the Water by Courtney
28 Stage Fright In the season finale, Kitty reveals she has stage fright to sing in front of her parents, to sing Demi Lovato's "This is Me", so after singing Max Schneider's "Someday", he plays a dual sing in the song to help Kitty. Stage Fright by Kitty


  • Pain and Suffering:
    • It hurts: by Wyatt Williams:
      • ???
  • Whale Tale:
    • Poor Little Fella: by Bridgette:
      • ???
  • Enter the Bee:
    • It Stings: by Kitty:
      • ???
  • Day of the Dinosaur:
    • Down with the Dinos: by Duncan:
      • ???
  • Machine Smith:
    • Get Me Out: by Ben:
      • ???
  • Under the Sea:
    • Under the Sea: by Ash:
      • ???
  • Iron Wreck:
    • What the Blazes: by Jonesy and Scott
      • ???
  • Whoa:
    • Whoa: by Zoey:
      • ???
  • Larry's confusion:
    • Curly!: by Moe:
      • ???
  • Night of the Moon:
    • We Are Martians: Aliens
      • ???
  • Dance, Dance, Dance:
    • Dance, Dance, Dance: by Harold and LeShawna: to bring up the beat.
      • Harold: Dance, Dance, Dance. (repeated)
      • LeShawna: Let the Party Begin, I'm so glad to see you, And I hope that you feel the same.
  • Pride and Envy:
    • Why Me: by Cody:
      • ???


Male Female
Ben Tennyson: since this Ben is non-cannon, and is much of a dreamer, he has a relationship with Kitty Kitty Pryde: since this Kitty is non-cannon, and is much of a shy girl and dreamer, she has a relationship with Ben
Geoff Bridgette
Tyler Lindsay
Trent: Reunited with Gwen , and both work at a Instrument shop. Gwen: Reunited with Trent, and both have a relationship like Peter and MJ.
Tripp Campbell Izzy Fuentes
Mike: has a bit of insane twists only for the good. Zoey: trying to cure him.
Duncan: loses his memories, and is taken care of by Izzy. Izzy: takes care of Duncan after he loses his memories.
Cody Sierra
Justin Courtney
Noah: has a more like Prince Neveen attitude, and is yet to develope! Eva
Brady Beth
Alejandro Heather
Jonesy Garcia Nikki Wong
Jude Lizowski Starr
Scott Dawn
Fred Jones Daphne Blake
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