The continuing adventures of Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff as they ???


November 27, 2019


  • Anna (Kristen Bell) - the 19-year old Princess of Arendelle and Elsa's younger sister
  • Elsa (Idina Menzel) - the 22-year old Queen of Arendelle and Anna's elder sister
  • Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) - an iceman who is accompanied by a reindeer named Sven
  • Sven - Kristoff's reindeer
  • Olaf (Josh Gad) - a comic-relief snowman that Elsa and Anna created as children, who dreams of experiencing summer
  • Oaken (Chris Williams) - the owner of Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna
  • Marshmellow (Paul Briggs) - runs Elsa's snow kingdom and raises the snowgies
  • Ogre Master (Jamie Foxx) - main antagonist and leader of the Ogres who are revealed to be part of the troll family.
  • King Paxton (Benedict Cumberbatch) - King of Northosu, Kingdom of the north who was arranged by birth to marry Elsa.
  • Princess Eveline (Melissa McCarthy) - third lost sister raised by Lord Graham, and has the lightning power.
  • Lord Graham (Matthew McConaughey) - Revealed to be an old friend of their father, and the one who warned them about that Anna has the Element of Fire.
  • Queen Corneilia (Judi Dench) - Anna and Elsa's Grandmother who was married to an Elemental.




Cold, Freeze, Ice, Whoopy - by Olaf who is happy to be in Winter again.

Lost - by Eveline who reunites with her sister to rejoice in their union.

Betrothed - by Benedict Cumberbatch and Matthew McConaughey singing that Elsa is engaged.

Hearts of Stone - by Kristoff singing the legend of Ogre Master.

Sentence is .......DEATH - by Ogre Master to eliminate Anna and Elsa from being a thorn on his side.

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