Seven girls that represent the Seven Daughters of Triton.


  • Velma Dinkley (Kate Micucci) - represents the Orange Mermaid, Attina, has her brown hair (though she only had brown hair in the live-action 2002 film)
  • Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana (Vvyan Pham) - represents the Pink Mermaid, Alana, has her black hair
  • Julie Yamamoto (Vvyan Pham) - represents the Yellow Mermaid, Adella, has her black hair from the animated series
  • Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - represents the Blue Mermaid, Aquata, has her brunette hair
  • Artemis Crock (Stephanie Lemelin) - represents the Red Mermaid, Arista, has her blonde hair
  • Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (Nicholle Tom) - represents the Purple Mermaid, Andrina, has her blonde hair
  • Ariel/Misty/Star-Drake/Koriand'r/Starfire (Jodi Benson) - represents the Green Mermaid, Ariel, has her red hair, revealed to be the Real Misty, and the True Descendant of Ariel.
  • King Typhoon (Berry Humphries) - main antagonist, and former ruler of Atlantica, his goal is to marry a daughter of Triton to regain his right to rule Atlantica.
  • King Triton (Corey Burton) - King of Atlantica, and was cursed by King Typhoon for allowing his anger to almost destroy peace, so he must regain the daughters to remove the curse.

Supporting Characters:Edit

  • Flounder (Parker Goris)
  • Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright)
  • Scuttle (Chris Edgerly)
  • Stevie (Will Friedle) - Adella's merman boyfriend and possible love interest, when Adella didn't know she accidentally kissed him in front of his girlfriend, Paula
  • Paula (Kari Wahlgren) - Stevie's mermaid girlfriend, she is a purple mermaid with purple braids surrounding her hair making a ponytail, in Ariel's Beginning, after Ariel restored music to the kingdom, she was shocked at Adella kissing her boyfriend, Stevie, and is jealous
  • Rift Warriors:
    • Attina/Blackfire (Kari Wahlgren in Teen Years, Angelina Jolie) - since being Attina's descendant she has the right to be the next Queen of Atlantica, usurped by her parents in Tamaran, she now punishes them for their lack of love for her.
    • Alana/Silverwolf (Jennifer Hale in Teen Years, Vanessa Marshall) - operates in Russia's Finest
      • Ivan Kex/Ocmore (David Sobolov) - works with Batman of the BMTBATB universe to have Silverwolf save Katana
      • Michal Karloff/Grand Duke (Michael Ironsides) - ???
      • Henri Kragloff/Lion Master (Gary Chalk) - ???
      • Transactor (Dee Bradley Baker) - ???
      • Dimitri Rasputin/Aquarias (Troy Baker) - ???
      • Micha Romanoff/Cutter (Fred Tatasciore) - ???
      • Forrest Richards/Wren (Daryl Sabara) - ???
      • Vladimir Constance/The Hippo (Travis Willingham) - ???
      • Deborah Kex/Crimson Cat (Moira Kelly) - ???
      • Wilbur Pastovich/Gray Owl (Ted Biaslei) - ???
      • Louis Kriestoff/Mad Louis (Bumper Robinson) - ???
      • Scrap-Metal (James Arnold Taylor) - ???
      • Rhinorilla - seen in training Flashbacks.
      • Misha Stepenulova/Star-Dragon (Liam O'Brien) - ???
      • Yuri Constance/Arm-Star (Yuri Lowenthal) - ???
    • Adella/Light Fire (Tara Strong in Teen Years, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) - operates in Project: Unicorn, teams up with Ben to save Julie
      • Unicarn (Brian Blessed) - ???
      • Reshirem (Jensen Ackles) - ???
      • Cobra Commano (Bruce Greenwood) - ???
      • Unicrum (Wally Kurth) - ???
      • Trogdor (Keith Szarabajka) - ???
      • Agent Jade (Kelly Hu) - ???
      • Zilla Wrestler (Mark Hildreth) - ???
      • Groveman (Bill Fagerbakke) - ???
      • Druk (Troy Baker) - ???
      • Henry Gregg/Hyperion (Travis Willingham) - ???
      • Uni-Knight (Daniel Riordan) - ???
      • Fire-Lass (Heather Hogan) - ???
      • Dr. Amanda Almalthea (Lauren San Giamco) - ???
      • Crystal Butterfly (Eric Bauza) - ???
      • Vixen (Tara Strong) - ???
    • Aquata/Isis (Grey Griffin) - operates in Team Victory
      • Hannibal Creed/Smaug (Troy Baker) - enraged that Isis turned her back on her teammates to help the X-Men save Kitty
      • Col. Octavius Von Bluth (Nolan North) - ???
      • Shelby McDuran/Tempest (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) - ???
      • General Von Bamba (Cam Clarke) - ???
      • Mysteridum (Corey Burton) - ???
      • Zactos (David Lodge) - ???
      • C.Y.B.O.R.G. (Giancarlo Esposito) - ???
      • El Blancho (Danny Trejo) - The love interest of Aquata, and loyal to a fault!
      • Bloom Shane (Hynden Walch) - ???
      • Elsa Arendelle/Snowqueen (Idina Menzel) - ???
      • Skelosapien (Robin Atkin Downes) - ???
      • The Thunderbird (Dee Bradley Baker) - ???
      • S.T. Pegacus (Fred Tatasciore) - ???
      • Hanna Stone/Muscle (Allison Mack) - ???
      • Anna Arendelle/Ember (Kristin Bell) - ???
    • Arista/Xenobeast (Grey Griffin in Teen Years, Jennifer Hale) - operates in Project Harpy
      • Sohi Fuji/Orochi (James Sie) - works with the Team to have Xenobeast save Artemis
      • Candace Powell/Ogopogo (Perri Giplin) - ???
      • Chili Morse/Hydra (Steve Blum) - ???
      • Andromeda Ferris/Unicorn (Vanessa Marshall) - ???
      • Lloyd McClain/Harpy (James C. Mathis III) - ???
      • Jodi Gregg/Titan (Morena Baccerin) - ???
      • Julius Christian/Manticore (Fred Tatasciore) - ???
      • Brooklyn Tate/Jersey Devil (John DiMaggio) - ???
      • Cress Morse/Cerberus (Dee Bradley Baker) - ???
      • Jose Fuerte/Cockatrice (Carlos Alazraquoi) - ???
      • Jonah Perseus/Pegacus (David Sobolov) - ???
      • Abe Ferdinard/Griffin (Kerrigan Mahan) - ???
      • Chi Wu/Jurogmo (Keone Young) - ???
      • Julius Cranston/Bunnyip (Berry Humphries) - ???
      • Jerome Michael/Tarasque (Keith Szarabajka) - ???
    • Andrina/Abigail Stone (Jennifer Hale in Teen Years, Tara Strong) - operates in the Slayers
      • Rendhall (Matthew Wood) - enraged that Abigail presumely double crossed him to help Superman save Kara
      • Thomas Keen Rogers/Swordsman (James Arnold Taylor) - ???
      • Jared Oak/Berrod (Brian Bloom) - ???
      • Ajiang/The Mage (Ogie Banks) - ???
      • Von Clutche (LeVar Burton) - ???
      • Stalker (Clancy Brown) - ???
      • Knumb Skull (Michael Donovan) - ???
      • Mechlock (Dwight Schultz) - ???
      • Duran Vance/Questing Beast (Charlie Adler) - ???
      • Jayden Chiles/Hammer-Master (Wally Wingert) - ???
      • Kirk Chiles/Archer (Rick D. Wasserman) - ???
      • Hans Fester/Halloween Master (Tom Kenny) - ???
      • Alloman (Quinton Flynn) - ???
      • Anansi (James C. Mathis III) - ???
      • Crystalyzer (Tara Strong) - ???
  • Pokesquad:
    • Ash Ketchum/Pokeman (Matthew Broderick) - asks Raven to help him save Starfire
    • Brock Richards/Mr. Fantastic II (D.B. Sweeney) - ???
    • James Napier/Joker II (Martin Short) - ???
    • Jessie Napier/Titan (Tabitha St. Germain) - ???
    • Cilan Morse/Chimera (Fred Tatasciore) - ???
    • Tracey Sketchit/Streak (Steven Jay Blum) - ???
    • Iris Jane/Color Girl (Katie Griffin) - ???
    • Dawn Simmons/Jinx (Chiara Zanni) - leaves the Titans to join the group
    • Max Essex/Power Bend (Will Friedle) - ???
    • Peter Graceland/Anti-Matter Boy (Khary Payton) - ???
    • Clement LeRoche/Technician (Matt Olson) - ???
    • Bonnie LeRoche/Thora (Molly Quinn) - ???
    • Serena Kex/Lioness (Kari Wahlgren) - ???
    • Odette Swan/Swan (Elle Deets) - ???
  • Wyvercons:
    • Gary Oak/Gelvarod (Tim Curry) - blackmails Fred with his father's Decepticon's watches to help him find Blackfire
    • Prof. Jeff Elm Huebinder/ Cyber (David Thewlis) - ???
    • Dr. Robert E. Conrad/ Dr. Unknown (Gary Oldman) - ???
    • Jerome Xerosic/Senticon (Frank Welker) - ???
    • Rafe Jones/Aratron (Diedrich Bader) - ???
    • Harley Squidaris/Dr. Crayfish (Brian Drummond) - ???
    • Trip Wilson/Cyberdon (James Remar) - ???
    • Vicious Von Phrokon (Clancy Brown) - ???
    • Alberto Thurge/White Crasher (Rick D. Wasserman) - ???
    • Dario Manx/Regidon (Kevin Michael Richardson) - ???
    • Con (Andrew Kishino) - ???
    • Quake (Dee Bradley Baker) - ???
    • Cynatron (Corey Burton) - ???
    • General Spider (Tricia Helfer) - ???
    • Berzerka Wrecka (Kath Saucie) - ???
  • Mystery Inc.: not pleased with Velma being a coward towards water, as she decides to stay in the Mystery Machine while the gang are investigating the Pirahna Ghost, but Velma didn't realize when she was driving the Mystery Machine, she grew an orange mermaid tail, not wanting the gang to see her like this, she is forced to take extreme measures by diving in the ocean by the docks
    • Fred Jones (Frank Welker) - uses his wits to replace Velma's smarts to find out who the culprit in the Pirahna Ghost mystery, as even says her catchphrase, "Jinkies"
    • Daphne Blake (Grey Griffin)
    • Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard)
    • Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker)
  • Outsiders: Batman, Black Lightning, Katana and Metamorpho were assisting Aquaman in stopping Black Manta in his nefarious plot on attacking Mercy Reef, when Katana was fighting henchmen, she tripped into the water as she grew a pink mermaid tail, and she disappeared not letting Batman, Aquaman or her fellow Outsiders to not know
    • Bruce Wayne/Batman (Diedrich Bader) - Batman of Earth-23
    • Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (Bumper Robinson)
    • Rex Mason/Metamorpho (Scott Menville)
  • Arthur Curry/Aquaman (John DiMaggio)
  • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal) - was taking Julie to another pier night, when Julie went to use the restroom, she grew a yellow mermaid tail, not wanting Ben to know, she dives into the ocean to avoid him seeing her like this
  • Aliens used:
    • Jetray (Jason Spizak) - used to search for Julie
    • Armodrillo (Grant Moninger) - used to dig underground to run into Diagon's sealed prison
    • Fourarms (Richard McGonagle) - used to fight Vilgax
    • Goop (N/A) - used to fight the Squid Monsters
    • Lodestar (N/A) - used to avoid getting under the control of the Squid Monsters
    • Ditto (Rob Pauslon) - used to fight Conduit Edwards and the Estorica
    • Way Big (Fred Tatasciore) - used to fight Vilgax using his powers of his true form with an extra body to fight Ben and attempts to strike with his storms
    • Humungousaur (Kevin Michael Richardson) - used to storm Iron Fort to find the Real Gwen
  • Azmuth (Jeff Bennett) - arrives at the end where Ben re-unites with Julie, and he asks for Ascalon as he warns that Vilgax's true power would continue to make him more dangerous
  • X-Men: the X-Men were in a forest in their civies as they investigated the Wendigos, as Scott shouted, "Come on!", the X-Men followed pursuit on the Wendigo when Kitty attempted to catch up but then tripped and fell on the ground to see her blue mermaid tail, she then jumped into a pond near her to not let her fellow X-Men see her like this
    • Scott Summers/Cyclops (Kirby Morrow)
    • Jean Grey (Venus Terzo)
    • Evan Daniels/Spyke (Neil Dennis)
    • Rogue (Meghan Black)
    • Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler (Brad Swalie)
  • The Team: they were taking a time on the beach by Mount Justice, while Artemis was alone testing the water with her feet, she grew a red mermaid tail, not wanting the Team to see her, she dives into the ocean
    • Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad (Khary Payton)
    • Dick Grayson/Robin (Jesse McCartney)
    • Wally West/Kid Flash (Jason Spisak)
    • Connor Kent/Superboy (Nolan North)
    • M'Gann M'orzz/Miss Martian (Danica McKeller)
    • Zatanna Zatara (Lacey Chabert)
    • Raquel Ervin/Rocket (Kittie)
  • Justice League:
    • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Kin Shriner)
    • John Stewart/Green Lantern (Phil LaMarr) - when John and Ollie felt bad when they told Clark that Kara was dating Brainiac 5 and he destroyed the statue of his Legionnaire status, she grew a purple mermaid tail, not wanting Clark to see her like this, she dives into the ocean, and he now believes Brainiac might've used red Kryptonite somehow to affect her, as he was probably in a conflict with Superman
    • Clark Kent/Superman (George Newbern)
  • Teen Titans: the Titans were assisting Aqualad and Tramm in stopping Trident from stealing an underwater treasure, when their T-Ship was broken, Starfire grew a green mermaid tail as she swims away from her friends to not let them see her like this
    • Dick Grayson/Robin (Scott Menville) - the true main antagonist who sought the glory, he even double crossed Eric by claiming Starfire, he even quoted "if I hadn't of stole those manuscripts of Atlantis you'd never found Ariel and she wouldn't have taken the bait.
    • Victor Stone/Cyborg (Khary Payton)
    • Garfield Logan/Beast Boy (Greg Cipes)
    • Rachel Roth/Raven (Tara Strong)
  • Garth/Aqualad (Will Wheaton)
  • Tramm
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (Kevin Conroy) - Batman of Superman's world
  • Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Tara Strong)
  • Alfred Pennyworth (James Garrett)
  • Eric Staufer (Bob Bergen) - helps the Gang find Velma
  • Dr. Fate (Greg Ellis) - helps Batman find Katana
  • Gwen Tennyson/Charmcaster (Kari Wahlgren) - the Real Gwen who was turned into Charmcaster by Kevin, when Kevin found the Robot and gave it to Frank, Gwen was ??? and ??? so Ben wouldn't suspect anything about her, ??? years later, Ben and Rook finally found her, she angrily ???, then Ben angrily ???, after they stopped arguing, she agrees to help Ben find Julie, on one condition, she wants revenge on Kevin
  • Dr. Strange (???) - helps the X-Men find Kitty
  • Dr. Fate (Oded Fehr) - helps Superman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow find Kara

Minor Villains:Edit

  • Cammy Duran/Pirahna Ghost (Gabrielle Union/Carlos Alazraquoi) - goal: to capture the legendary crystals, after Cammy was caught she didn't know where or what happened to Velma
  • Black Manta (Kevin Michael Richardson) - from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he was suspected by Batman for Katana's mysterious disappearance
  • Lord Ricoronis (James Remar) - now remains in Diagon's dimension and stole Ascalon from Azmuth to continue using his powers while the Estorica are under his control and he creates the Squid Monsters from the episode, Bengeance is Mine, and has Conduit Edwards replace Psyphon, Ben chased after him because he might have something to do with kidnapping Julie, but when he revealed the info from the Robot's mind controlled by Diagon and the Lucubra, he uses this information to humiliate Ben for his dimwitted stupidity
  • Conduit Edwards (John DiMaggio) - Vilgax's right-hand man
  • Dr. Doom (Mark Hamill) - from X-Men: Evolution, he is a suspect to the X-Men for Shadowcat's disappearance as he played a role in their battle with the Fantastic Four
  • Wendigo - from X-Men: Evolution
  • Ocean Master (Roger Craig Smith) - from Young Justice
  • Brainiac (Corey Burton) - from Superman: The Animated Series, he was surprised that his descendent, Brainaic 5 would love Supergirl
  • Trident (Clancy Brown) - from Teen Titans, he is chased down by the Titans for Starfire's disappearance
  • Joker (Mark Hamill) - from Teen Titans in The New Batman Adventures style, having learned that Robin was a glory hog and a womanizer only using Batman as a ticket for glory, he uses this info to further humiliate Batman
  • Harley Quinn (Arleen Sorkin) - helps Joker
  • Bloody Mary (Allison Janney) - Brother Blood's wife


Chapter One: PrologueEdit

It all starts underwater in Atlantica, where a mysterious merman approaches on a chariot and barges in with a sword confronting King Triton, who is angered at a confrontation of the merman, Typhoon, the once former king of Atlantica, who had abused the power, then defeated by Triton by being banished to the Depths of The Ridges , and he has returned at Triton, demanding his throne, Triton refuses as he blasts his trident at his chariot, but Typhoon has a sword and tries to strike at Trident, but they have a trident-sword fight, Triton defeats him easily and says, "Atlantica is my property, you will have no control over it!", Typhoon states, "You're right, I just need a bride to marry to rule, one of yours", Triton shocked, "No, not my daughters!", Typhoon states, "Well, if your kingdom's more important than your daughters-", Triton shouts, "Nothing is more important than my daughters!", Typhoon then shouts, "So be it, King Triton, for your arrogance and stupidity, you are forever cursed until one finally learns true love", as Typhoon disappears into the sand, Typhoon states, "In order to enact the curse, you must re-unite your daughters from order, Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina and...Ariel, so I can marry the eldest daughter, Attina", Triton feeling remorseful, sighs in defeat and humiliation that he has to marry one of his daughters to the mad man.

Triton uses a Compass used by Typhoon, that will revert humans to merpeople, he activates it to locate his first daughter, Attina, meanwhile at the docks the Mystery Inc. gang (Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Shaggy Rogers, Velma Dinkley and Scooby-Doo) are on the trail of the Pirahna Ghost, and they'll have to go underwater to find him, but Velma doesn't want to go because she's afraid of water, and can't swim, when she was a little kid, she almost drowns at the first paddle, Daphne states, "Surely you've been around us in the water on mysteries, such as Motashandu or Wiki Tiki, and no one told I had so much junk in my trunk", Velma states, "I was reluctant! All those times I had to be reluctant, I can't swim, I was holding onto Scooby's tail to make it look like I was swimming!", Shaggy asks, "Like, have you ever had a diving instructor?", Velma shouts, "No, everyone of you can handle the mystery, I'm just going to stay in the Mystery Machine, so I won't be near any mysteries that are sea-related!", Velma storms off into the Van, while Fred states, "Okay, then, Velma, i'll substitute for you and say your catchphrase and use my wits to try and figure out who the culprit is!", Daphne confusingly asks, "Are you really going to pretend you're Velma?", as the gang walk off, Shaggy and Scooby say one last thing to Velma that anyone can be a coward sometimes even if it's a ghost, after they left, Velma gets into the Van and thinks to herself how she can be a coward for being afraid of water, and not overcoming it, as Triton oversaw the gang are not here, he uses the Compass to magically turn Velma's eyesight fully working, as she removes her glasses, and is alerted by Triton's voice that she must go into the ocean to enter a gateway that will lead her to Atlantica, Velma being reluctant decides to start up the Mystery Machine close to the docks, as she stops at the end of the docks, she just jumps into the water.

Next, Triton locates his second daughter, Alana, meanwhile, Batman trains the Outsiders (Black Lightning, Katana and Metamorpho) on how to appreciate a hero's hand in assistance, Batman meets up with Aquaman in Mercy Reef, Batman shakes hands with Aquaman and tells the Outsiders to do the same, Metamorpho shakes hands and introduces himself as Metamorpho, while Black Lightning introduces himself, and Katana does the same but doesn't introduce herself, Black Lightning says she doesn't have anything to say, Aquaman jokingly states, "Must be a curse from the sea witch, you know she takes a voice so she meets a man she saved!", Metamorpho laughs, but Black Lightning doesn't get it, Batman tells Black Lightning that heroes usually make jokes on a mission, then Black Lightning squealingly laughs and he tells Katana, "He just compared you to the Little Mermaid!", then he and Metamorpho start laughing together, as well as Aquaman, while Katana glares at this, Batman seeing this and asks Aquaman, "Aquaman, you called us here for a reason", then they stop laughing and Aquaman says that Black Manta is attacking Mercy Reef by taking control of the Lighthouse he was raised in, Metamorpho asks, "If you were born Atlantean, how come you were raised on the surface world?", Aquaman answers, "That's because I was willing to save both Atlantis and land!, my father, the Lighthouse keeper is the sole reason I have some humanity in me!", Batman says, "If Black Manta takes control of the Lighthouse, he'll electrify the bulb when ready, we have to stop him at any costs, let's move!", Aquaman and Metamorpho follow Batman, while Katana just stands there with an angry look, while Black Lightning stops and see this, "Come on, you heard Bats, if he takes that Lighthouse-", Katana just stares, Black Lightning states, "It was just a joke, come on, Katana, I'm pretty sure it wasn't selfish, Bats he got a point, they make them jokes all the time, I know you don't wanna say anything after your master got killed, but he rest in peace, just keep fighting for him, huh?", Katana then agrees, "Fine, but I'm not making any jokes", Batman then stood by watching Black Lightning and Katana staring at them grumpily, "Heroes don't waste time, they move, so move!", they follow Batman.

Black Manta is in the lighthouse gloating, "At last now that I have control of the Lighthouse on Mercy Reef, I can now control the ships directions to my deposits, and nothing can stop me!", Aquaman then barges in, "Except for heroes stopping you, Manta!", Manta confronts him, "Aquaman, my old arch-nemesis, I'm pretty sure when you're around, Batman comes in to-", Batman interrupts saying, "Take you punks with Hammers of Justice, we're taking you in Manta, 10-20 Years Iron Heights Pennitentiary!", Manta states, "Better my henchmen than me, dispose of him while I complete my goal of-", Black Lightning states, "Taking control of the Lighthouse so you can control the ships, yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it, we've heard that a dozen times!", Batman gruffly thinks, "Teenagers, and I thought Blue Beetle was reckless", the henchmen start attacking the heroes, Batman tells the Outsiders, "Remember, justice not vengeance", Metamorpho states, "We know, Batman, we get it", and they start fighting the henchmen, Manta summons his Manta ship to fire at the heroes, as the henchmen outside attack too, the Outsiders fight them that are led by Calvin Durham, Black Manta's right-hand man, Black Lightning states, "End of the line......What else do we say?", Batman states, "A hero says, "Freeze, criminal scums!", now you say something to end the sentence", Black Lightning thinks and states, "End of the line, punks!" as he blasts at the henchmen, Metamorpho knocks them out saying, "The only place you deceitful clowns are going is the joint, Blackgate Prison", Batman tells Metamorpho that they're going to Iron Heights Prison, Katana chases after Durham and throws her blade at him, Durham mockingly states, "What say do you got, Little Mermaid? An underwater prison in Atlantis? (Laughs)", Katana cringes at that comment, as she flashbacks the time she arrives in America she walks around people who make fun of her being mute and calling her little mermaid, being bullied with that name and threatens Durham, "Make one more comment, make fun of me again, I'll slay you with my sword!", Durham cowardly fears her threat, Batman shouts, "Katana, that's not the way we work!", overhearing him, she puts her blade down and thinks to herself, "Justice not vengeance, justice not vengeance", Triton oversees Durham picking up her sword and about to strike Katana, he then uses the compass to magically have Katana take the shurikens out of her hair to hit the sword out of Durham's hand, and throws the other at his shoulder shirt, she is then alerted by Triton's voice that she must go into the ocean to enter a gateway that will lead her to Atlantica, hearing this, she tells Durham that he is just like the bullies that tease her for not speaking a word and for calling her that name, she asks, "You want me to be a mermaid, I'll show you what a mermaid I will be!" then she runs to the ocean then jumps into it, with Batman calling for her, as well as Black Lightning and Metamorpho beg for her.

Next, Triton locates his third daughter, Adella, meanwhile, Ben Tennyson is on another pier date with his girlfriend, Julie and he is trying to win her a prize, he throws the first ball at a stack of can, but it missed, he tried the second one but missed, he tries one last time with the third one and states to Julie that Rex Salazar taught him a little trick, as he winks he throws one last time as it bounces off the wall, but Ben grabs the ball and throws it again at the cans and bouncing off each time to hit the other stacks, winning as he gets her a seahorse plush toy. She kisses him on the cheek, then grabs his arm to check out the ocean view, they stare for a little while, with Julie wondering how life would be underwater, Ben asks why she hates seafood, if it's because of their encounter with Vilgax at the Flame Keeper's Circle, but Julie states she have seen how Japan cooks fishes and turn them into sushi, she then shoves it drastically, Julie hates how Japan abuses sea creatures, Ben, feeling bad, asks Julie if she can excuse him for a minute and that he'll give her sometime, and Ben calls his mother, Sandra, to throw away seafood related groceries or get refunds, Triton oversees Ben calling his mother, he uses the compass to magically walk to Ben and kisses him as she is then alerted by Triton's voice that she must go into the ocean to enter a gateway that will lead her to Atlantica, hearing this, she says, "I have to go, Ben, goodbye", she walks away back to the balcony, then gets on it, Ben shocked that Julie might commit suicide tries to stop her, but Julie jumps off into the ocean, much to Ben's shock.

Next, Triton locates his fourth daughter, Aquata, meanwhile, the X-Men are in Canada, Wolverine's birthplace, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Evan Daniels, Rogue, Kitty Pryde and Kurt Wagner are on a fishing trip while camping, Kitty wants to help make smores by the campfire, much to the other X-Men's dismay, as Scott has Kurt and Evan take Kitty for fishing, before they did leave, Kitty asks, "What's going on? It's not my birthday, is it? I mean i was born on January 15, and I'm already 16", Scott states, "No, it's not January anymore, the month is March, and I need you to fish with Kurt and Evan for a little bit for some fish, Kurt, you show her how to make a fishing Rod, Evan, you show her how to hook a worm to lure the fish...", Rogue questions, "You're really doing this?", Jean, "Scott, don't you think there's anything else?", Scott annoyed states, "And Jean you make some fire and Rogue you can be mopey any other time, yada, yada, yada, but help me with this tent, Kurt and Evan go to work", Kurt grabs Kitty by the shoulder, "Alright, come on", Evan frustrated, "That's just great", as he walks with them with the fishing gear, the coast was clear for Scott as he states, "Okay, let's move" as he picks up a stick with twist it to make a fire, Jean upset, "Scott, I thought I was doing the fire", Scott states, "I'm only doing this because Kitty's not doing another bad cooking like those muffins she might make someday, Kitty? The one with the stink shirt and hat? Who knows what else she might do? She might try to kill me in my car, and make those ugly muffins, and the car, I know Wolverine and the Professor are the next victims!"

Kurt and Evan show Kitty how to make a fishing rod, and Kurt states, "....and that is how we make the rod!", Kitty annoyed, "Okay, so I noticed", Evan states, "Look, we saw how they did it, a dozen times, now for the next part", Evan grabs a worm, "This worm right here, it can earn the sense of a fish, so we can grab it!, observe", Evan throws the hook into the pond, Kurt, "And ve vait until it grabs the worm, and then ve lure it to us", Kitty, "How?", Evan, "Elementary, my dear", the fishing rod suddenly shakes, "Speak of the", Evan grabs the rod so hard, Kurt helps him, and the fish pops out of the water and Evan grabs it by the net triumphantly, "And that is how we catch the fish!", Kitty, "Wow, that's great, what are you doing?", Kurt grabs the fish, while Evan uses the hook, "Now that we catch it, we gotta kill it", Kitty, "Kill it?!", Kurt, "Yeah, that's how we cook the fish", Kitty, "What are we? Butchers?, Don you think that's wrong?", Evan, "Please show her how it's done", Kurt, "Evan-", Evan, "Just show her!", Kurt lays the fish on the ground, "Then ve stick the hook through it's gills-", Kitty, "No!", Kitty stops them by grabbing the fish, Evan gets frustrated, "Look, we're just on the trip and we gotta make some food", Kitty, "No, I change my mind, let it go", Kitty tries to throw the fish in the water, but Evan protests, "Whoa, whoa, hold on a minute, come on, Kitty!", Evan grabs the fish by it's hook, but Kitty releases it by removing the hook out of it and throws the fish into the water, and the hook goes onto the edge of Evan's pants, and he accidentally grabs it too far he falls face flat in the mud, when he gets up, he's angry, "This is all your fault, if you hadn't saved it, we would've make an example out of it!", Kitty argues back, "Well, we can't kill those creatures, it's like you poke a porcupine in them for the rest of eternity", Evan, "It was going well perfect, until you botched it", Kitty, "And who do you think you are? Judge, jury and executioner?" Evan, "If you like them so much, Kitty, go live with them, it would be great for the X-Men for your crazy wacky activities like driving a car so fast and making disgusting muffins and stink shirts and that stupid hat you put on me!", Kitty, hurt by Evan's words, as Evan storms off, Kurt, not having anything to say, just picks up the fishing gear and walks away not wanting to hurt Kitty, Kitty then turns to the pond, and then has tears in her eyes after being hurt by Evan's words, Triton oversees Kitty looking at the pond, he uses the compass to magically have Kitty removing the pink hair brand that keeps her ponytail up, she is then alerted by Triton's voice that she must go into the pond to enter a gateway that will lead her to Atlantica, hearing this, she does a similar movement when she phases underground in Egypt to find an entrance as she walks into the pond and then jumps into it.

Next, Triton locates his fifth daughter, Arista, meanwhile, the Team is celebrating the Fourth of July, Zatanna, Rocket and Miss Martian are dancing and listening to Down to Nothing By Siddhartha Menon on the radio, while Robin and Superboy launch fireworks, and Aqualad is making barbecue, while Artemis and Kid Flash are throwing rocks at the ocean, though Artemis nods off for a minute thinking about the time in Honolulu when Kaldur told her about thinking of Atlantis and his parents, after meeting Captain Atom's children, as she felt that Kaldur may have a troubled past like her when her mother was sent to prison, Jade leaving her, and being tortured by Sportsmaster to be an assassin, he related to her that Calvin Durham was experimented into Atlantean by Black Manta to infiltrate Atlantis, only to marry Kaldur's mother, Wally tells Artemis that something like this would never happen to Kaldur, Aqualad calls them for lunch, Wally promises Artemis a burger and zips away, Triton oversees Artemis waiting for Wally, he uses the Compass to magically have Artemis to remove the green braid that holds her ponytail, she is then alerted by Triton's voice that she must jump into the ocean to enter a gateway that will lead her to Atlantica, hearing this, she walks onto the rock and then jumps off of it into the ocean, much to the shock of the Team.

Next, Triton locates his sixth daughter, Andrina, meanwhile, Superman is flying with Supergirl, she asks Superman what he's been doing, Clark says he's been dating, Kara asks if it's Lois, Clark says no, Kara asks Lana Lang, Clark says no again, Kara asks who it is then, Clark reveals he's been meeting with Aquaman in Atlantis for a minute before meeting a mermaid named Lori Lemaris, she helped him on a way to bring peace between the surface world and Atlantis, which is make a peaceful communication with the World leaders, Kara asks if there was any love going on between them, Clark says a little bit, but she was in the ocean, and he belongs in the surface world, that's what matters, then his super hearing gives away as a ship is in danger, and they go to save it, they arrive in the Pacific coast to save the ship, he uses his X-Ray vision to see Hostage crews men and a captain in danger, Triton oversees Superman using his X-Ray vision, he uses the Compass to magically have Kara remove her hairband, she is then alerted by Triton's voice that she must go into the ocean to enter a gateway that will lead her to Atlantica, hearing this, she ignores Superman's warning to save the people while he stops the ship, as she might stop the ship, she flies into the ocean, and Superman states, "Or maybe I'll rescue the people".

Finally, Triton locates his seventh and final daughter, Ariel, meanwhile, the Teen Titans are in the T-Sub to get help Aqualad and Tramm find Trident trying to attack an underwater ship, Beast Boy helps Aqualad by being a fish, while the rest of the Titans are in the ship, they find out that Trident clones are nearby and they attack the Titans, the Titans then split up to find the Trident clones, Raven goes north, Cyborg goes south, Robin goes east and Starfire goes west, Triton oversees the Titans separating, he uses the Compass to magically have Starfire bust out of the T-Ship, she is then alerted by Triton's voice that she must go into a gateway that will lead her to Atlantica, hearing this, Starfire goes through the portal.

Chapter Two: The Transformations BeginEdit

Through the portal, she goes into the Underwater Kingdom of Atlantica, as does Kara, then Artemis, then Kitty, then Julie, then Katana and finally Velma, the five girls are having trouble trying to breathe underwater, while Velma is frantically not swimming and is scared, Starfire saves Kitty and Katana, while Kara saves Artemis, Julie and Velma and they bring them up to the surface to help them breathe in the air, they spot a rock where a seagull is at, they swim by to help them sit and rest for a minute, while Kara and Starfire fly out of the water and stand on the ledge, they suddenly encounter the seagull as it can talk, he introduces himself as Scuttle, the girls introduce themselves Velma Dinkley, Tatsu Yamashiro, Julie Yamamoto, Kitty Pryde, Artemis Crock, Kara Zor-El of Krypton, but Kara Kent on Earth and also Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, Kara is stunned to meet a Tamaran, while Starfire is stunned to meet a Kryptonian, Kara wonders what she did with her hairband, and Kitty and Artemis wonder what they did with their hair braids, Tatsu wonders what she did with her Shurikens and Velma asks where her glasses are as she couldn't see a thing without her glasses but starts to wonder how she could see without them. Then suddenly King Trident appears out of the ocean and says he made that happen so he could help them bring true selfs to life, he says that he is their father and they are royalty, the seven Mermaid princesses of Atlantica, their home and birthright, the girls are confused and they don't know if it's possible for Trident to raise 5 little girls that don't have his light brown hair color and his wife's red hair unless he's telling the truth, Velma has her smarts to test the magic, but Trident shows the magic of his trident to show six mermaid objects, much to her shock, Velma is given an orange crown for her hair, Velma is scared and hesitant because she can't swim and that he only hung onto Scooby's tail, Trident says that she can try and learn how without a paddle and gives her the orange crown, and then she puts it on and the magic starts glowing and sparkles start swirling around her body, her turtleneck sweater is replaced with an orange seashell bra and her leggings and shoes are replaced with orange fins and red lipstick appears on her lips, she is suddenly shocked for a moment, but then becomes amazed and fascinated with her new experience as she dives into the ocean.

Meanwhile, the gang are still on the search for the Pirahna Ghost as they go to the Mystery Machine to find something to catch it, and they are shocked to find it too close to the docks, they run near the van and open it to see if Velma is in there, but are somehow shocked to see she is not, and they believe the Pirahna Ghost might've kidnapped her and may have tortured her to swim in the ocean out of blackmail, and believe they're going to trap the ghost, as soon as they carefully drive the Mystery Machine from the docks.

Back at the surface, Trident presents a pink crown for Tatsu, who is hesitant to wear it, she said she swore an oath of silence after her master was assassinated by Takeo, when she arrived in America, she was always silent and people bullied her and called her, "Little mermaid", making her an Outsider, Trident comforts her and says she will have her sisters, and that she may speak freely when she is a mermaid and will not worry about being bullied, reluctant, Tatsu puts on the pink crown and the magic starts glowing and sparkles start swirling around her body, her black hair waves around her to cover her schoolgirl uniform to reveal pink seashell bra, she opens her eyes just in time to see her legs become pink fins, she is shocked for a moment, but becomes amazed and elegant to see her new form, admiring it, she jumps into the ocean.

Meanwhile at Mercy Reef, Batman interrogates Durham for mocking Katana, and Black Lightning tells Batman that Katana never speaks after master's death, and when she arrived in the USA, she was bullied, no name spoken, no lips moving, just silence, Slug even took advantage of it by reminding her of how she was mistreated, which made her become an Outsider. Aquaman came out of the ocean and tells Batman he couldn't search for her anywhere in the deep and that she might've disappeared. Curious, Batman raises an eyebrow in suspicion.

Next, Triton presents a light yellow pearl headband to Julie, feeling remorse for her people's mistreatment of sea creatures, she begs them for forgiveness. She puts on the head in her hair and the magic starts glowing and sparkles start swirling around her body, her legs are replaced by yellow fins and her pink sweater is replaced by a green seashell bra, she is shocked for a moment, but she suddenly becomes amazed at it, she then dives into the ocean.

Meanwhile back at the pier, Ben activates the Omnitrix and turns into Jetray to go underwater to search for Julie but can't find her anywhere, then he gets out of the ocean to fly at the place where Ship has taken her, he powers down for a minute, then meets Azmuth, who warns Ben of Vilgax's return, he attacked Galvan Prime when he left and suddenly swiped Ascalon, since Diagon is imprisoned in the sword and is an embodiment of power, Vilgax may use it to conquer the galaxy. Believing that he might've kidnapped Julie, he accepts.

Next, Triton gives Kitty a blue hair braid that will hold her ponytail up, Kitty states, "Daddy, I made some friends on land, they were really good friends, but they don't seem to understand me because of how I drive, and how I cook and how I do everything which they find ridiculous, I don't think I fit in with them", Trident tells her she fits in with her sisters, she looks at Velma, Tatsu and Julie for a minute, and then at Artemis, Kara and Kory, she then puts on the hair braid holding her ponytail up and the magic starts glowing and sparkles start swirling around her body, her legs are replaced by blue fins and her pink blouse is replaced with a blue seashell bra, she is shocked for a minute, but is then amazed of her new form, and she dives into the ocean.

Back at Canada, Kurt and Evan get into an argument as he wants Evan to apologize to Kitty for his harsh words, but he initially refuses, they continue to argue where they spot Scott, Jean and Rogue standing by the fireplace and Scott states, "Gentleman, this is how it's done", showing he made the fire, while Rogue bluntly states, "Yeah, sure, why don't you be the one to make the fire while I watch", while Scott glares at her, Jean wonders, "Evan, Kurt, where is Kitty?", Kurt states, "She's by the pond, crying, because someone hurt her feelings", Evan starts to back talk at Kurt saying he meant what he said because of how annoying she could get, Jean glares at him for a minute, then tries to sense Kitty telepathically, but couldn't hear her, Evan states that maybe she just wants to sleep in the pond, but Jean states, "She's nowhere not even in the pond", Rogue, Scott, Evan and Kurt are shocked for a minute as they run back to the pond. Scott believes she could've been kidnapped.

Next Trident gives Artemis a red hair braid, she then reminces the beach in Honolulu, Artemis and Aqualad discuss the two siblings, Peggy and Randy Eiling, and fatherhood in general—Artemis posits that being a biological father doesn't make him the actual father, as honesty and parental skills have not much to do with biology. Aqualad does not listen; his mind is in Atlantis. Artemis asks him about his parents. His mother is Sha'lain'a of Shayeris, while his father is Calvin Durham, originally a spy of Black Manta, genetically engineered to infiltrate Atlantis. The two fell in love, and Durham abandoned his mission. Back in the present, Artemis felt Kaldur's tale as she puts the red hair braid around her ponytail up and the magic starts glowing and sparkles start swirling around her body, her legs are replaced by red fins and her clothes are replaced with a red seashell bra, she is shocked for a minute but is amazed by her new form and she dives into the ocean.

Back at Mount Justice, Kaldur does some searching for Artemis in the ocean somewhere, but couldn't search anywhere for her, Wally talks him saying how Artemis related with him by the ocean in Honolulu and how she got his story with his parents, Kaldur states it's just a connection, Wally suspiciously asks, "Is it?", Zatanna shows up and tells them that magic was the cause of Artemis' disappearance, Atlantean magic, Kaldur senses a traitor in Atlantis.

Next, Triton gives Kara a pink decoration that could hold her ponytail up, Kara reminces sometime that Clark dated Lori Lemaris, while she met a merboy named Jerro, and wonders if she could see him sometime whenever she's underwater, she puts on the decoration to hold her ponytail up and the magic starts to glow and sparkles start swirling around her, her legs are replaced with purple fins and her uniform and cape are replaced by a purple seashell bra, she is shocked for a minute but is amazed by her new form and she dives into the ocean.

Meanwhile, Superman is fighting off the pirates who are taking the crew and the captain hostages, the Captain looks outside of the view, "Superman, the boat hasn't stopped, we're going to crash", Superman tells him and his crew to abandon ship on the lifeboats while he stops the boat, the captain and the crew did as they ask, while Superman mutters to himself, "Kara you have some nerve acting like a teenager when you're supposed to do as I order", he uses his X-Ray vision to see where she is, but couldn't see her anywhere, confused he went ahead to stop the ship from crashing, which worked as the crew cheered, Superman salutes them while he flies them safely as he wonders to him, "Something's not right".

Finally, Kory asks Trident if it was all the six sea items to wear, but Trident says she's free to look the way she is, and that she doesn't need a sea item when she has her down and flying in the sea, she's fine the way she is, but all she needs is her transformation to be complete with the help of his magic trident, Kory accepts and allows him to magically change her, and sparkles start swirling around her, her legs are replaced with green fins, and her red hair waves around to cover her costume to show her purple seashell bra, smiling she is amazed at her transformation, Trident smiles having complete re-uniting his daughters, and Kory smiles diving into the water with her sisters.

Meanwhile, the Titans having completed capturing the Trident clones, and Robin asks where Starfire is, Aqualad hadn't seen her anywhere, Robin states, "Trident could've possibly kidnapped her, and could make her his queen, we don't want that to happen, because I saw her first", Cyborg jokes, "Yeah, we know that, you kissed her several times", Beast Boy jokes, "Yeah, I mean there was this kiss in Tokyo, and the dance at the prom with Killer Moth's bugs, and riding on the Ferris wheel on the day Blackfire framed her, oh and let's not forget she didn't marry that green slug guy thingy Blackfire arranged", Raven states, "Can we please just move on?", they agree as Beast Boy and Aqualad dive into the ocean, while Robin, Cyborg and Raven get into the T-Sub.

Chapter Three: Keep the Lies Close and the Truth CloserEdit

Back at Atlantica, Trident gives them a tour in the kingdom on the throne room, the music room and their room, where they have to keep things arranged so they won't forget what they need, Velma (now Attina) tells the girls that they have to keep things arranged and neat, and tells them to make sure they're ready for something royalty and musical, the mermaids make their beds and clean their room, while Attina wonders how Mystery Inc. is doing without her.

Fred makes a plan to use cable wires attached to a hot dog cart to try and capture the Pirahna Goat, when it came out, Fred tries to capture it, but the cable isn't working, but then the cable ???, and Pirahna Goat is unmasked as Cammy Duran, who wanted to steal the crystals of Atlantis just so she can ??? and she states, "And my plan would've worked too, if not for you meddling kids and your nosy dog", Fred accuses her of kidnapping Velma and asks her where she is, and Cammy states, "You idiot, I have no idea who you're talking about!", and the gang wonder where Velma is.

Tatsu (now Alana) awakens from her beauty sleep and starts using beauty products for her face to look beautiful for today and swims happily and hums to herself while the mermen notice her as she wonders how Batman, Aquaman and the Outsiders are doing without her.

Manta now has the captains and crews of all ships bound and gagged, enough for him to collect Sonar readings for Atlantica, but Batman, Aquaman and the 2 Outsiders fight against Manta and his goons, save the crews, and Aquaman confronted Manta and punched him across the boat, while Batman stopped Manta's goons from attacking Atlantica, with Manta and his goons defeated and the crews freed, Batman grabs Manta by throwing him off the ship and starts interrogating him for Katana's disappearance, seeing how Durham mocked her, he might've activated some portal to make her disappear, Manta states, "I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't care, I'd rather be taken to Blackgate instead of confessing to you!", Batman, silent for a moment, then allows the cops to take him away and states to Aquaman and the Outsiders, "We're gonna need some magic to find Katana".

Julie (now Adella) is swimming around playfully and accidentally bumps into a merman named Stevie, whom she kissed last time and was embarrassed a little for kissing and for not knowing he had a girlfriend named Paula, who she was shocked at kissing Stevie, calling her a boyfriend kisser, Stevie asks Adella if she wants to hang out, Adella says yes, unaware she just bumped into his girlfriend who ahemed him, and asks if she could see Stevie, who says see ya later, as he swims away for a little bit, not before earning a glare from Paula, Adella sadly wonders how Ben is doing without her.

At the site with the final battle between the Forever Knights and the Estorica, Ben turns into Armodrillo to dig deeper into the seal of Diagon, and then goes to stomp on it, awakening Vilgax through the seal stating, "Who dares disturb me?", Ben changes back, "Your arch-nemesis", then Ben goes through the seal to Diagon's dimension, and Ben goes up the stairs to confront Vilgax, who is sitting in his throne room, "Why, if it isn't Ben Tennyson, you seemed very desperate to bring me down, I can tell my empire in Vilgaxia is falling apart in my absence, but that doesn't matter", Ben questions, "What are you talking about? You cared for your people in Vilgaxia", Vilgax states, "Wrong, I was only playing them to show them I "cared" for their safety, I was never a heroic ruler, I was intergalactic tyrant, I only planned a hostile takeover on the planet Vilgaxia truly was called, Planet Murray, a planet ruled by a peaceful people called, the Muranians, who wanted peace and care as I conquered their planet and overthrew their king to rule it, but they rebelled against me by the time I returned, but not before I went to Galvan Prime, to steal back Ascalon, I saw something in my head when I absorbed the embodiment of power, Diagon, a mere illusion that was faked, I learned, Diagon and I were one, his power was once mine, my true power, and this place is my dimension, my true Vilgaxia, I was a god", Ben is fed up, "Enough!", he slams the Omnitrix to turn into Fourarms shouting, "I do not have time for this!", he punches Vilgax, "There's no way you're taking the whole planet Earth as your own Vilgaxia", he charges at Vilgax, while Vilgax charges at Ben as they collide, they have the same fight in Enoch's dream world, with Vilgax standing up after being defeated, Ben shouts, "Give it up!", Vilgax states, "Remember when I held you captive on my ship, before you turned into XLR8, I was feeding to you to my Squid Monsters", he summons a Lucubra, Ben questions, "What does the Lucubra have to do with you feeding me to your pets?", Vilgax chuckles, "Doesn't ring a bell, Ben? You forgotten so many things that had happen, you forgot this, when was the first time you battled the Lucubra!", Ben states, "When Sir Reginald and the Forever Knights released it", Vilgax states, "Wrong, this is how you truly first encountered Lucubra, I owned it", he turns the Lucubra into a Squid Monster, who attacks Ben, who suddenly turns into Goop, who tries dodging it, Vilgax states, "Two can play at that game", he summons a Lucubra Squid Monster to chase after Ben, who dodges it, then Vilgax states, "Perhaps five would do", then three more appear to attack Ben, who tries slicking through each and every one of the Squid Creatures, only for one of them to grab Goop's holopod and turn it off, freezing him, as they pressed the Omnitrix symbol to revert Ben back to his human form, and they grab him and take him to Vilgax, who states, "Remember when the Lucubra has the ability to mind control someone, make them zombified?", Ben annoyed, "Do you ever stop making riddles?", Vilgax states, "I'm only doing this to humor you, when the victims are zombified, they follow my voice, become my slaves, they learn martial arts and powers", a voice calls, "And they learn from me", he reveals as Conduit Edwards, "When the victims are zombified, they follow his voice, and I help guide them through training to become the Estorica members", he shows up with five members of the Estorica, Ben states, "Didn't you die?", Conduit Edwards, "Yes, Tennyson, I was stabbed through the chest by Sir George, Vilgax made an offer for 1,000 souls to resurrect me", Ben questions, "Wait, 1,000 souls, Charmcaster had me killed for her father's resurrection, unless, Diagon was the Old One that made a deal with Charmcaster", Vilgax states, "Yes, Edwards' family has been loyal to me for centuries, I need him by my side, while I make you my lieutenant, Ben", Ben states, "Because you want my Omnitrix for a personal army?", Vilgax states, "Because I want you to be my slave to use the Omnitrix to fight my battles, I no longer require wearing it, for I had found my true power", Ben sighs, "You are way more crazy than you once were", then the Squid Monsters prepare to mind control Ben, but Ben has an idea, "Omnitrix, Lodestar!", the Omnitrix accepted Ben's request to turn him into Lodestar, just in time for the tentacles to touch the metal head of Lodestar, which is why metal is resistant to the Lucubra's mind control, as Ben uses a metal debris from below to fend off the Squid Monsters, as they are defeated, Ben reverts to normal, "I didn't come all this way just for the sword, I came to know what you've done with Julie", Vilgax states, "I see your feelings for your sweet, beloved Julie are concerning you, one of them is for real, but you've had to find which one is Julie, search everywhere while you still can, they are mind-controlled, do try not to hurt them, if you care", then five of the Estorica members appear, while Ben turns into Ditto, "Good luck trying to stop us", as he multiplies into 2, and they multiply into 2 more and 2 more, "When you can handle all five of us, okay, guys, try not one of them, they're mind-controlled victims", the other Ditto questions, "If two of them are bad and we don't care for them, we do we do?", Ben states, "Punch them in the face", third Ditto states, "Okay, let's get them boys", the Dittos scatter as they fight Conduit Edwards and the five Estorica members, the sixth Ditto fight the fifth Estorica member, defeating and unmasking the member as a police officer, who Ditto wakes up and gets him to safety, the fifth Ditto fights another Estorica member, who is unmasked as a blonde Forever Knight, and he simply punches the Knight, the fourth Ditto fights another Estorica member, who is unmasked as Winston, who was killed during the battle by Edwards, Ben snaps him out and asks him what happened, Winston reveals that when he was murdered, he was also one of the souls Charmcaster gave to Vilgax, and the other Ditto fights another Estorica member, who is unmasked as another Forever Knight and is punched in the face, the other Ditto notices the feminine features in the other Estorica member, believing it to be Julie, and Ditto grabs her, while the real Ditto easily defeats Edwards by punching him in the face, then the Dittos merge into one as he grabs the female member and takes her to Vilgax, "Okay, Vilgax, it's over, now gimme the sword and release the love of my love from your control!", as he unmasks the member to show her face, Vilgax laughs maliciously at this, while Ben is shocked to discover his cousin, Gwen, under mind control, "Gwen?, but I thought it was Julie", Vilgax uses his mind control abilities to make Gwen confess, "You fool, I was always the one following you on your missions", Ben confused, "What are you talking about? We were in the same missions, you, me, Kevin, your boyfriend?", Gwen ruthlessly stating, "Yes, by the time you put back on the Omnitrix since the day Grandpa Max "disappeared", I was the one responsible for the DNAliens by using aquatic animal DNA, and after the Highbreed Invasion was over, I caused many events such as the Lechorian Virus in the Omnitrix", Ben shocked at that confession, "Gwen, you are a Lechorian Robot", Gwen violently states, "That's not all I've done, one year after you took the Ultimatrix from Albedo, I was also the one responsible for Aggregor and Kevin's Mutation, and I took Vilgax's embodiment of power from his body to pretend Diagon was real", Ben shocked, "So, you created the illusion of Diagon? And Aggregor was actually Will Harangue", Gwen maliciously states, "There were many other incidents with you and Rook, when I left for College with Kevin, I was the one responsible for the events you and Rook participated in such as Malware A.K.A. Ship", Ben saddened by this, "Gwen, why? Why would you do this?", Gwen reveals, "Because Kevin created me as a way to play you for a fool, to make you think he changed his ways, he discovered me when you left the Mega-Cruiser by Slix Vigma, after Technorg left beating him, Kevin discovered me as my leech went through his temple absorbing him to encounter your stupidity", Ben shocked at this questioned, "So all this time, Kevin was the dragon George fought, and he took Vilgax's true power from him to create the illusion of Diagon, and I've fought Vilgax's son?!", Ricoronis states, "Yes, my father was a great warrior then you came along, with the ability to conquer worlds, when Kevin, or should I say, Val Khan, confronted him as a dragon, he was tryinh to strip him of power, enabling him to remain underwater until he could find a way to look more humanoid, Val Khan was a Dragon Lord who wanted to please his biological mother, and he did that to play you for a fool by stealing her robots, the Lechorians, as your Uncle Frank Tennyson wanted a better daughter, knowing the imperpections of control", Robot Gwen stated, "We've done enough, now release me from your control", Ricoronis states, "But wait, it gets better, Khan and Professor Paradox altered the worlds by using the Clock stolen from a Time Emperor, and Paradox wanted to give you the same future by marrying you off to Kai Green, by using your son, Kenny as the Chrono-Spanner", Ben fell to his knees in humiliation, "Paradox altered the worlds? My son was his pawn and you mean to tell me Kai was supposed to his mother?", the Robot shouted, "Release me!", Ricoronis states, "Yes, in fact, sending Billy Billions posing as that French photographer to keep Julie away was brilliant, and Kevin knocking out Argit to prevent you from knowing you were going to marry Princess Looma, as a way of distracting you, and Elena Validus was created by Kevin, Jennifer Nocturne was probably Captain Nemesis' daughter, knowing how her blonde hair was actually dyed, Ester dating your cousin Sunny's ex-boyfriend, or maybe Sunny was a replica of the Robot, and then your half-cousin, Eunice Tennyson, made from probably the Robot's DNA to preserve all Omnitrix Alien DNA to help adapt the Lechorians become stronger and removing peace from the world, yes, the Robot's one true goal", the Robot shocked at Ricoronis exposing her plans, "NO! This isn't supposed to happen, you were supposed to free-", the Robot was having a headache from Ricoronis' powers, "I know all your tricks now, abomination, I know what you were trying to plan, double crossing me, well, this time it won't work like you double crossed the other scoundrels such as and the truth of the Lechorian Robot", the Robot was smoldering from Ricoronis burning her head and she is blown up, "Such pain to suffer, doesn't it, Ben?", Ben was kneeling in his humiliating defeat as tears fell down his eyes in anger, having been hurt by Ricoronis' taunting and Paradox, Kevin and the Robot's revelations, he angrily shouts, "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!", as he slams the Omnitrix to turn into Way Big, who starts trying to crush a shocked Ricoronis, only stepping on the Robot's destroyed body and head one time, and Ben shouts, "I'm going to crush you so hard you'd wish you'd never taken your father's place!", as he starts wrecking his city, Ricoronis then touches the water from above and starts absorbing it's powers to take his true form, only different, he gains a body to destroy Ben and fight him in a clash of titans like how Ben fought Albedo as Evil Way Big, having both packed punches and blood slipping from their lips, they start activating each of their powers to defeat each other, Ben uses a hyper beam, while Ricoronis uses his eye beams, and they both end up defeated as an explosion destroys much of his city, as the smoke clears, Ben is bleeding from his lips with his clothes nearly torn, while Ricoronis, stuck in his true form is weak without Ascalon and tries to take it, while Ben limps over to get it, both try to their best to reach the sword, and Ben puts his hand on the sword and touched it to stand up straight and he picks it out of the ground in triumph, Ben tells the Omnitrix to take him to Galvan Prime, as it did, he then sees the saddened looks of Max, Rook and Azmuth, who saw everything Ricoronis said and was True.

It's nighttime for the mermaids as they get ready for bed, Kitty (now Aquata) sleeps with her favorite toy, Mr. Fuzzyfinkle, as she loves sleeping with him in bed, he stays by her side sometimes when she gets nightmares or feels lonely, she had a toy like him ever since she was a baby, and is her only friend, now wondering how the X-Men are doing without her.

The X-Men are in the X-Jet heading to Latveria, Nightcrawler asks why go there, Jean states, "The last time we fought with the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom tried to kidnap Kitty and study the problem with her by curing her from a near-death experience that permanently trapped her in her phase form, we suspect Doom has something to do with this disappearance", they enter Latveria, they intrude being attacked by Doombots, as they went past all of the Doombots, they confront Doom himself, who attacks the X-Men for intruding. They defeated Doom and started interrogating him on what they did to Kitty when they were battling the Fantastic Four, he revealed that he and Mr. Fantastic worked on a cure for her and that's what they did. Then suddenly Jean senses Professor X calling them back to the X-Mansion.

Artemis (now Arista) is bored, so she sneaks into Aquata's bed to mess around, when Aquata catches her and tries to snatch it back, as they end up in a tug-o-war over it, only for it to break into pieces, Aquata is angry and saddened at Arista because she never asks to borrow because she's selfish and spoiled and steals things too much, feeling saddened, Arista realizes Aquata is right and apologizes because she never gets invited to Ariel's adventures, which makes it unfair to her. Aquata forgives her for now, and Arista asks to borrow, which Aquata accepts as they hug, and Arista wonders how the Team is doing without her.

In Atlantis, Kaldur is swimming while Miss Martian is in her mermaid form, and the Team have been given a magic spell by Zatanna to breathe underwater to look for Artemis, they believe Ocean Master may have been the cause as they confront him in Atlantis, there they confront him attacking Aquaman, Tempest and Tula, they battle him, as Kid Flash zooms at Ocean Master, asking where is she, Ocean Master questions, "Who?", Kid Flash states, "My girlfriend who do you think?", Kaldur attacks Ocean Master from behind, while Superboy punches his mask off, revealing himself as Prince Orm, much to Aquaman's shock, Orm reveals how he's been jealous of his brother's heroics, and how his mother chose him from above the surface to become the next heir to the throne, which was rightfully Orm's, Arthur is angry at Orm's deception and states that he trusted him, that he gave the piece of Starro to the Light out of anger and jealousy. Wally asks where Artemis is, Orm states, "If I knew, our magic in Atlantis could be what happened!".

Kara (now Andrina) is with a group of friends on history, she gossips with a red-haired mermaid who looks like Barbara Gordon on how cute that merman is, while Andrina jokes he looks just like Dick Grayson, to which the mermaid laughs at and tells Andrina that she is funny, to which she replies thanks, as she always walks around wearing glasses in her cover days, and wonders how Clark is doing without her.

Meanwhile, Superman meets up with Lori Lemaris, his mermaid girlfriend in his teens and needs her help in finding Kara, as he has his friend, Batman find details on the Pirates that attacked the ship. Meanwhile, Batman and Batgirl, who both haven't recovered since Robin found out Barbara Gordon was Batgirl and took the costume with him, are in Metropolis investigating LexCorp, seeing if Lex Luthor hired those pirates, as they entered the building, Batman confronts Luthor in his office, Luthor states, "Well, this is an awkward situation, make it quick with the interigation, I have a meeting at Seven o'clock", Batman questions, "I saw a symbol saying LexCorp on that armed gun that pirate welded, and I figured you might have a connection", Luthor questions, "What are you blabbing about?", Batman states, "It's obvious, you made several business dealings with pirates, you sent them on that boat, you orchestrated the crew being hostages, it was something important you were requiring", Luthor states, "Something indeed, yes, and now you're going to stop my master plan so I could not defeat Superman", Batman states, "That's exactly what it means, Luthor", Luthor looks at his watch, "Yes, unfortunately for you, I don't have time, I have a friend of yours to keep you busy while I'm away, now if you'll excuse me, my meeting is about to begin, good afternoon, Batman", Luthor leaves as he straightens his tie and closes the door behind him. All of a sudden, Batman is knocked out by a shadow, who drags him up and ties him up and then awakens, and realizes it is the Joker who tied him up, Joker states, "Oh, Batsy, so nice of you to drop by, you're just in time to see the thing me pirates swiped from that ship!", he opened the crate and revealed a big screen TV, Batman state, "A big screen TV?", Joker states, "It's called the Time Window, able to have it's remote switch to a channel to show another universe", he uses the remote to turn it on, and it shows them all, with Harley Quinn dragging Batgirl bound and gagged, "That's us, Bats-O!", Joker starts switching the channel to Scooby-Doo's world, "See that, that's that meddling pooch, Scooby-Doo, I never thought me and Penguin would get embarrassed by that sniveling canine, I mean Fred Jones not realizing what a complete idiot he is, Daphne Blake notices no one told her what a big butt she has, Velma Dinkley for not admitting she was wrong about certain Monsters, Shaggy Rogers what a complete coward he is and laughed at for it, and that meddling mutt Scooby-Doo for eating all the food at an important wedding", switches to the BTBATB universe, "Well, look at that, who is that big bulky Bat-Chin? He looks as bold as He-Man, (laughs), and what sort of Bat wears an old-fashioned uniform and is Ironic Witt?", switches to Ben's universe, "Well, who is this young man? Is that the original Green Lantern? The one with brown hair and Caucasian skin? Not to be a rascist here, but that other Lantern couldn't stand a chance to be a Justice Leaguer? Did little boy green ask Mister Gardner to take his place in the League while he's changing into these weird alien thingys?" Switches to the X-Men universe, "Well, look at those kids here, a teenager wearing visors, a red head Man Hunter, a younger version of Wesley Snipes from Demolition Man, a goth with the hair of a skunk, a ghost girl who can walk through walls and a blue fuzzy demon who magically teleport?", Switches to the YJ universe, "Well, well, look at that, another version of Wesley Snipes from Demolition Man, only his yellow hair is nearly shaved, and what kind of hero name is Artemis? Does she keep that name with her costume or make a more meaning name, well, well, well, your little Robin is little as usual, but now comes the next punch line", switches to the Teen Titans universe, "You see that, Bat-Coot? You're little birdy's leading his own playmates, and he's got a new crush", he motions to Batgirl, whom Harley pushes, as Joker fast forwards to a scene in Tokyo in the rain, where Robin is kissing Starfire, shocking Batgirl, "Oh, true love conquers all, or does it? I remember there, he realized his own girlfriend was working for you, so he left without breaking up with her, and just went straight to Jump City and hitched himself with another girl, you've both changed, you're still stern, stubborn and pouty as a grumpy old Bat, while you're little bird boy continues to seek the glory to do a better job", Batman is shocked and humiliated at this revelation, and is ashamed of letting his guard down, while Batgirl tears up heartbroken that Robin cheated on her, Joker notices this, "So much for true love, Harley, take her down to Lexy's old shark, Chewie", Harley states, "Righty-O, Mr. J", Batman shouts, "Wait! Let her go, I'm the one you want". Cuts to Batman shackled and without his utility belt, Joker states, "You know Harl, there's a product we'll be making, Fried Batman! (Laughs)" Joker then walks to Batman above Luthor's office, "You never could take a joke!", as he kicks him into the pool to be eaten by the shark in Luthor's pool tank, but luckily he starts fighting it, while Joker laughs at this, when suddenly Luthor gets back from his meeting and suddenly sees Batman fighting his shark banging it on the glass, and Luthor starts calling Joker from above, "You idiot! My office is down here and you're standing right above me!", Joker states, "I know, Lexy, isn't it funny? that you never realized Clark Kent is Superman, and Lois should be Fired", All of a sudden the glass breaks and Batman detains the shark as water spills over Luthor's office and he slips on the ground, while Batman jumps up to fight Joker in a remade scene of The Laughing Fish, after Joker stops nowhere to go, he jumps off onto a flagpole, "You see, Batsy, I always have a pl-", only for the flagpole to break and for Joker to scream falling to his death being hit by a truck, but Batman believes him to not be dead still, as he always comes back, he then goes to untie Batgirl, who is still heartbroken.

Kory (now Ariel) is exploring underwater with her best friend, Flounder, as she shows him the old nightclub Sebastian played it, and decided to invite her sisters over for a night, and she wonders how the Titans are doing without her.

Meanwhile, the Titans have arrived at Tritent's lair, where he is holding a hostage. Trident reveals he is going to marry Starfire so she can became Queen of the Seas, the Titans end up battling his goons with help from Aqualad and Tramm, Robin goes in to save Starfire as he easily defeats Trident, but he unexpectedly found out that it was Blackfire who was bound, and she knows what happened to Starfire, there were 7 girls transported to the dimensional realm of Atlantica, Robin deduces that Starfire is held hostage there, they decide to use Blackfire as leverage to help find Starfire, Robin allows Aqualad and Tramm to take away Trident, while the rest of the Titans get aboard the T-Ship to help take him in while Robin remains with Blackfire, he goes too close to her and puts his arms around her, causing her to sigh uncontrollably, and Robin reveals his womanizing nature saying, "You smell like your sister", Blackfire states, "Good to know the real you, Boy Womanizer", Robin states, "So, Atlantica?", Blackfire states, "Dear sister's all yours, while I re-unite with King Typhoon to become Queen of Atlantica", Robin states, "My wingman, Val Khan has me covered, nothing can stand in my way", then he suddenly he hears his communicator beeping, as he activates it to see Batgirl unmasked in a sad look, "Dick, is this true?", Robin questions, "Barbara? How long has it been? Since I left because I found out my girlfriend was working with the Big Black Bat?", Barbara begs, "Dick, please, you don't have to do this, I'm begging you, Batman agreed to train me, he didn't want to tell you", Robin angrily states, "No, he knew I wasn't ready to be out on his own, you know why? Because I am who I am, a glory hogging womanizer, I'll always be that way", Barbara, "Dick, please don't do this", Robin sighs, "You have to face facts, Babs, don't crush me into saying this, but I'm not looking to re-unite with my girl and spend the rest of my night living in Batman's shadow, your casting a really sad shadow, I'm sorry, it's over, goodbye, Babs", turns off his communicator having finally did what he had to do, while Blackfire winks amusingly, and Robin smiles. Meanwhile, Barbara has been heart-broken from being dumped by Dick, as she breaks down crying and puts her hand into her arms sobbing uncontrollably, while Bruce looks on having noticed the conversation the whole time, while Alfred drops his dinner plate having been shocked by Dick's deception.

Chapter Four: Seeking the Guide of MagicEdit

Back with the Scooby Gang, they head off to meet their old friend, Eric, who helps them find a way to find their friend, Velma, by using a dimensional tracker to find someone in another world, which they begin using.

In the BMTBATB universe, Batman, Aquaman, Black Lightning and Metamorpho require Dr. Fate's help in finding Katana, as they enter the Tower of Fate, as they use the orb to tracking Katana in another dimension.

In Ben's universe, Ben is pacing back and forth trying to recover from his stupidity falling for the Robot, while Max and Rook look on, as Azmuth is busy trying to destroy Ascalon, Ben needs something to find Julie, Max is trying to convince Ben that he's needed at the Plumbers, Ben says he's not a Plumber, Max says but you're a reservist member, Ben says talk to Julie about being a reservist Plumber, I didn't put on this thing the day you went back to being a Plumber, Max remorseless reveals, "What if it wasn't a joke? What if when you put back on that Omnitrix, and then I had to sent you to an Academy. And what if I was never going to have you restart the Plumbers?", Ben is stunned, as he angrily states, "How dare you use me to restart the Plumbers?", Max says, "I'm using the truth, Ben, i was so caught up in the past, and just couldn't see the future, I'm sorry", Ben angrily states, "Are you?", Rook then approaches Ben, who states, "Did you know?", Rook dances around that question in his mind, Ben is talking about the Robot, and then Rook pushes to shove as he says he was a fool falling for the Robot in Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and now Omniverse, he apologizes that he didn't want him to feel bad until Ricoronis revealed this info from the Robot's mind from being controlled by a Lucubra, but he feels she wasn't Gwen, and that she really could be Charmcaster, as he was getting close to the Robot, tricking her into feeding him info about what Kevin did to the Real Gwen, as she revealed that she was made into the Omniverse Charmcaster, he thinks going to Iron Fort would be a great way to finding the Real Gwen, as Ben reluctantly agrees to find Gwen so she can find Julie, Rook then readys to take them to Iron Fort, they reach Iron Forts Halls until they discover Gwen is Charmcaster, when they get to her they realizes that Bezeel was a fraud just to keep the Robot from getting caught, now Ben asks Gwen to help him find Julie through another dimension, which she did by meditating to locate her.

The X-Men meet with Professor X as he asked why they attacked Latveria in Doom's castle and they know they could start a war, they explain they thought Dr. Doom had kidnapped Kitty, as she could be here anywhere in an ocean, persistent, Professor X uses Cerebro to find Kitty in the ocean, he checked everywhere but he couldn't see her, so he calls an Illuminati member of his, Dr. Strange into helping find Kitty, as he already tracked him, he appeared to help the X-Men find Shadowcat, by using magic to find her through a dimension.

With Ocean Master locked up in an Atlantean cell, the Team discuss why would Artemis vanish on her own, as Wally asks if Kaldur had a thing for her, Kaldur states he'd never date Artemis, despite what happened between him and Tula, he shared his family relations with Artemis about how she ended up growing up in a family of crooks, as he states it's just a sign of friendship as he states he would never steal Artemis from him, and he hopes he understand, as he asks Zatanna into finding Artemis through dimensions with his Atlantean magic as they begin searching.

Back at the DCAU/Titans universe, Superman and Batman recover the Time Window to try and find Supergirl, which they did by using the remote to find Kara. While Raven chants, "Azeroth, Matrion, Zenthos" to find Starfire in another dimension.

Ariel brings the girls to a nightclub party so they can dance to the song, Mermaid Party, they enjoy their time dancing to the rhythm, playing instruments and stuff, while Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Eric are surprised seeing Velma doing the cha cha dance, Batman, Aquaman, Black Lightning and Metamorpho are surprised to see Katana dancing with a Sea Slug, Ben, Rook and Gwen are suprised to see Julie actually dancing to the beat, Scott, Jean, Evan, Rogue, Kurt, Xavier and Strange are suprised to see Kitty with a Merman, Kaldur, Wally, Dick, Connor, M'Gann, Raquelle, Zatanna and Aquaman are suprised to see Artemis is wearing Purple Sea Shells, Batman, Superman and Batgirl are surprised to see Kara having fun and the Titans are surprised to see Starfire bringing all the girls to dance with her, as the song ends, the heroes figure out who the mastermind is.

Chapter Five: Searching Through the RiftEdit

Eric, Fate, Gwen, Strange, Zatanna, Lori and Raven reveal to the heroes that the girls are put on by a curse created by King Typhoon, Atlantica's former ruler who wanted to reclaim what is rightfully his, but then got dethroned for using forbidden Sea magic on the innocent, and now he's forcing Triton to give him back his throne by putting a curse on him until one learns true love, they sense the real daughters of Triton by sensing them through a dimension called the Rift, where all are placed in a certain tower, they see Attina working for the Wyvercons, Alana working for Russia's Finest, Adella leading Project Unicorn, Aquata working for Team Victory, Arista working for Project Harpy, Andrina working for Slayers and Ariel working for the Pokesquad, as they must find the Seven Daughters of Triton to break the curse Triton is wielding.

The gang go through the Rift to find the Wyvercons in their headquarters, in Dragon Mountain, they are confronted by Gelvarod and his Wyvercon group, he questions why they are here, the Gang tells them they are looking for Velma, and that the Wyvercons want Attina, they can negotiate a truce.

Batman and the Outsiders go through the Rift to find Russia's Finest in their headquarters, in Siberia, they meet the group and recognize Alana as SilverWolf, who explains how she is no longer a mermaid and how she became SilverWolf, she was so jealous of Ariel she became like a ravenous wolf, when suddenly she was becoming a Werewolf, when Ocmore found her, he saw she was scavenging in the wild, as the flashback ends, she is asked by Batman to help stop a curse on her father, King Triton by King Typhoon, she and Ocmore accept his partership as they follow him.

Ben, Rook and Gwen (who goes with them on the condition of revenge on Kevin) go through the Rift to find Project Unicorn in their headquarters, in Normandy France, they come across Light-Fire and her group, Project Unicorn, the 3 recognize her as Adella, who supposes that they should know how she is no longer a mermaid, she was made into a super soldier by the scientists, when suddenly she was made into a stronger and more faster version of Starfire, she later started to be trained by Cobra Commando who became her love interest, as the flashback ends, Ben asks her to help stop a curse on her father, King Triton by King Typhoon, she accepts his partership as they follow him.

The X-Men go through the Rift to find Team Victory in their headquarters, Detroit Michigan, they run into Smaug, who runs the group, they ask for Isis, who arrives to attack them, as the rest of the group attack them, Cyclops stops them by calling Isis, Princess Aquata, who supposes that the X-Men want to know what happen to her, why she is no longer a mermaid, she was mutated by the Government and left with the help of El Blancho, when suddenly she was mutating into an Anthro Catwoman, when Smaug found her, he decided to have her aid him with his fighting campaign, as the flashback ends, the X-Men ask her to help stop a curse on her father, King Triton by King Typhoon, she reluctantly agrees to their partership as tells Smaug not to double cross them, he reluctantly agrees as the group follow the X-Men.

The Team go through the Rift to find Project Harpy in their headquarters, Baja California, they meet the leader, Orochi and his group, what does he owe the pleasure of meeting them? They ask for Xenobeast, also known as Arista, who believes the Team want to know how she is no longer a mermaid, she was she was bitten by the Power Predator and survived, when suddenly she was mutating into a humanoid creature based on her creature name, when Orochi found her, he cared for her and made her into a fine soldier for Project Harpy, as the flashback ends, the Team ask her to help stop a curse on her father, King Triton by King Typhoon, she and Orochi accept their partnership as they follow them.

Batman and Superman go through the Rift to find the Slayers in their headquarters, Martyr Island, they run into Rendhall, who runs the group, they ask for Abigail Stone, who suddenly attacks Batman, as the rest of the group attack Superman, Abigail hesitates to kill Batman, who tells her she can either kill him or run away from who he really was, Abigail reveals herself as Andrina, who tells them how she is no longer as mermaid, she was into bounty Hunting after encountering a Wildebeast, when suddenly she was taken into space and found by a Slayer cruiser, when Rendhall found her, he trained her into a fine slayer, as the flashback ends, Superman asks her to help stop a curse on her father, King Triton by King Typhoon, she reluctantly agrees as she tells Rendhall not to double cross them, he reluctantly agrees as they follow them.

The Titans go through the Rift to find the Pokesquad in their headquarters, Pokopulis City, they meet Pokeman, who immediately recognizes Raven, who asks him to help stop a curse on King Triton by King Typhoon, but Pokeman states, "You don't understand! The curse was caused by Sorron and Eric who tried to cheat to win the seven suitors, Typhoon was actually an illusion created to find us, you don't know the real mastermind behind all this...he took 6 girls and even sold me to U.T.U.M.N.O., Joker learned Superman's identity and he revealed it to Luthor, who used this as a way to kill Pa Kent, and get Lois Lane fired from the Daily Planet for being ignorant, he also knows about Guy Gardner", Cyborg who told Joker about Superman's identity, Pokeman reveals it was Robin who stabbed Ash years ago, and kidnapped Misty, May, and Dawn so he could make Titans to get the Glory, as Robin throws knock out gas at all of them to escape and set a self destruct switch to kill them all so no one could follow him, he watches gleefully as the base explodes, he continues his plans.

Final Chapter: Deception Revealed, the Final Battle BeginsEdit

Scooby, Batman, Ben, the X-Men, the Team and Superman have overheard an explosion at Pokopulis City, as the other squads head to the site of the explosion, they find the Titans and the Pokesquad in the rubble as they clear them out, Batman of DCAU and Ben save Pokeman, who tells them that he tried to warn Ben of Kevin, but the Robot keeps stopping him, he is partners with Robin, he apologizes to Batman for his betrayal, Batman thought Robin left him because of the event of him being angry at him for not telling him Barbara was Batgirl, he asks why he really left? Glory? What's his real story? Ash reveals it started a long time ago when he was a Pokemon trainer named Ash Ketchum, he was mysteriously taken to the lost city of Potohmar, when suddenly stabbed after something was wrong with a female silhouette, Ben tells him they know about the mermaid's background stories, and he asks what he knows about Ariel's, why she is no longer a mermaid? Ash reveals Ariel was succombed by Lust after being bonked by Marina's barrel, when suddenly she falls for Eric out of lust, when Ash met her, he started to get to fall in love with her only to realize she was using him to get to Eric, Ash after defeating Eric deals with a ragefull Ariel whom when stabbed is revealed to be the Warlord Nazrat's mate who wanted the Shadow to endure, as the flashback ends, Ash knows he wish to ally with the two so they can stop Robin and Kevin's plans, Robin wants to become the famed title of Warrior, so he can gain the Glory and fame unlike when his parents died, and Ben can come with him in the sea to help Kory and Julie by giving them true love's kiss, to return their memories, and Julie will learn her mistakes from her selfishness of the Robot's machinations.

Gelvarod keeps the gang at gunpoint to let him kill Ash, but the gang refuse and ask why he hates him so bad, because he made him jealous of his grandfather's father figure role to him, and they want to know why Attina is no longer a mermaid, he'll tell, she was always trying to keep up with her father's love, and keep up with her father's commands, when suddenly she was snapping and betrayed by the King's decree of Ariel becoming his successor, when Gelvarod found her, he helped her with her problems and fell in love with her but perishes because of his immortality forbids them being together, as the flashback ends, when he rescues Komand'r, he'll settle his score with Sorron, Robin and Kevin. The heroes and teams unite to save Velma, Katana, Julie, Kitty, Artemis, Supergirl and Starfire.

Back at Atlantica, Triton welcomes his daughters to meet King Typhoon, their suitor, who will ask for one of their hands in marriage, the mermaids wonder if their father only brought them back just for a marriage, Typhoon looks over the mermaids and then stops at Ariel, who he chooses to marry, much to Triton's shock. As Typhoon requests they marry today, the mermaids wonder and stare at their supposed father, who admits he was arrogant since he allowed it to endure when he forbade Music, and when he learned he was cursed by Typhoon he didn't expect them the same, only different, Attina then doubts Triton, being a victim of a supposed curse that could be fake.

Ash brings Shaggy, Jefferson (Katana's Boyfriend), Ben, Colossus (Kitty's Boyfriend), Wally and Braniac 5 (Kara's Boyfriend) and declares themselves the New Seven Suitors to save the girls they love while the rest of the heroes stop Robin and Kevin, but Ben wants to have a bone to pick with Kevin first before they proceed, which Ash accepts, when they go through the Rift, they are in the middle of the ocean, where they encounter Galaction and Kevin, whom Ben stares at, and he states, "I believed her, Kevin, I admit it, I'm a fool, I fell for your tricks, I fell for the Robot", Kevin apologetically states, "Yeah, it wasn't personal, altering the worlds and sending the Robot to see how stupid and dimwitted you were", Ben states, "You're right, I was stupid and dimwitted, but the only question is....why?", Kevin states, "Well it was a Joke, and for the Beowulf movie, I was mad I was angry, Drake was", Ben states, "Of what?", Kevin states, "A way to prevent you from intervening with my take over Reality? Yes, and Drake was Driving me Crazy", Ash states, "Kevin you believed the robot, and you were a fool!", Kevin is shocked himself, as Ben approaches Kevin and Galaction, before transforming into Ripjaws to dive into the ocean as he says, "Come on, suitors, let's save our girlfriends!", as they all follow him, while the heroes battle Galaction on land. Batgirl arrives from the Batjet to attack Galaction for his betrayal, she punches him, kicks him in the knee, she then tells "Is this what your parents wanted?", until she unmasks him as Robin, who admitted the only reason why he went for glory is because When his parents died he lost it, and wanted to bask in it once again.

Going into the underwater kingdom of Atlantica, the New Suitors as they find their girls, Shaggy finds Velma (as Attina) reveals he cares about her and reminds her that she is still the brains of the outfit, and reveals he actually wasn't ready at first but now he is as he kisses her to break her free of the spell, Jefferson finds Katana (as Alana) using his electric vibes to impress her and reminds her that she is a samurai of Honor, and reveals that he actually had feelings but didn't want to admit it as he kisses her to break her free of the spell, Ben finds Julie (as Adella) apologizes to her reminds her that she is his one true friend, and reveals that he is a descendant of Eric the Spellbinder as he kisses her to break her free of the spell, Colossus finds Kitty (as Aquata) he hugs her, and reminds her that she was there for him, and returns the favor, and reveals he was at first nervous but now is confident as he kisses her to break her free of the spell, Wally finds Artemis (as Arista) assures that he is alive reminds her that she is the best archer he knows, and reveals he is the new Flash as he kisses her to break her free of the spell, Brainiac 5 finds Kara (as Andrina) by sonar reminds her that she is a daughter of Krypton, and reveals she was right about Brainiac as he kisses her to break her free of the spell, and finally Ash finds Starfire in the alter with Typhoon and says I object to prevent them from kissing, Triton is infuriated at the sight of a human and orders the guards to arrest him, but Ash reminds her that "I am a son of Liraris Cachan, and is this what you are a Betrayer, your being what Eric/Sorron, and Typhoon wanted you to be", and reveals She is Misty, and the Host Taker is dead as he kisses her to break her free of the spell, foiling Typhoon's plans, as he goes through a breakdown to kill the suitors for the ruin of his plans, but Velma, Katana, Julie, Kitty, Artemis, Kara and Starfire don armored to protect themselves as Velma grabbing Triton's Trident breaking it to reveal a Crystal Trident, Katana touches it causing a ray of light, Julie grabbing the Trident, Kitty aiming the Trident, Artemis making an arrow with the Trident, Kara thrusting the Trident and Starfire stabbing Typhoon, leaving Typhoon defeated.

With Robin and Typhoon defeated, Fred unmasks Typhoon as Sorron, who used the curse to cheat through the Seven Suitors, but when Robin helped him, he tricked him into going to Atlantis to steal the Scrolls of Atlantis, as it said, "The Towers each can be controlled by one King", when it led him to Ariel, Robin double crossed him and made Starfire out of Misty, Robin states to Sorron, "She was a Witness I had no Choice", and Triton is dumbfounded that Blackfire, SilverWolf, Light-Fire, Isis, Xenobeast and Abigail Stone are his daughters, and wonders why Ariel is Starfire, but Blackfire blurts out, "You old fool, the only reason the curse is still upon you is because Ariel doesn't understand what true love is!", and Gelvarod comes to Blackfire and kisses her, and he states, "I knew coming here would be part of the plan, and I would've gotten here, too, if it hadn't been for me meddling with Fred Jones' stupidity", Fred is horrified that he let Gelvarod find his way to Atlantis, and Gelvarod breaks the partnership to then attack them, but Ben attacks with Chromastone for being deceptive, suddenly a purple dragon with red hair approaches the Wyvercons and knocks them down revealing to be Misty/Ariel/Starfire's true form, and told her father, of how arrogant he was, and how foolish he was to ab-root love.


  • Disney's The Little Mermaid shares a crossover with Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo, Katana from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Julie from Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, Kitty Pryde from X-Men: Evolution, Artemis from Young Justice, Supergirl from Superman: The Animated Series and Starfire from Teen Titans.
  • There are episodes alluded as a prediction:
    • Kitty would make muffins in The Hex Factor and try to get a driver's license in X-Treme Measures.
    • Kaldur would realize the truth about Black Manta being his father in Young Justice: Legacy in Team Year Five in February 17, 2015.
    • Aquaman would meet the World Leaders in The Enemy Below.


Barbie movie song Mermaid Party! lyrics on screen

Barbie movie song Mermaid Party! lyrics on screen

The music video for the story

  • Mermaid Party (Barbie: The Pearl Princess) - played when Starfire, Velma, Tatsu, Julie, Kitty, Artemis and Kara are enjoying their mermaid states in an underwater dance with the fishes in the same way Ariel and her sisters had the party at in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
Chely Wright - Part Of Your World

Chely Wright - Part Of Your World

The end credits song

  • Part of Your World (Chely Wright) - played in the end credits
  • This is the first Disney Crossover!


Ariel's sisters
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