Rift Warriors are Chosen Warriors that are based on a certain color of the rift. Red is first, and whatever comes last will final the choosing of the Rift Warriors. Depends on how creative it is.

Rift Teams and Dragonlord Types Edit

Dragon: master of all elements, and has been famed world wide, and they are similar to some of the greatest Dragons in history and from their Chivalry is Independence. Edit

  • Draco (David Kaye) - King and mentor of the Pokesquad.
  • Spyro (Josh Keaton) - Noble of the group and mentor of the Russia's Finest
  • Serrifas (Cree Summer) - sister of the Dragon King and mentor of the Kronos Knights.
  • Sapphira (Susan Blakeslee) - Coatyl and Dragon Halfbreed, and mentor of Project Unicorn
  • Chamberlain (James Arnold Taylor) - Vetran Dragon and mentor of the Davey Jones Crew.

Pokesquad Edit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Ash Ketchum/ Pokeman Matthew Broderick Red Leader When he was 10 he was taken by the Rift and was made the first Rift Warrior since a thousand years. The mutation of Ash was caused by the experiments of lab U.T.U.M.N.O., and by the powers of the Red Rift, he is very wise, strong, honorable, and the most trusted of the group.
Misty Ketchum/ Star-Prime Jodi Benson Green Second in Command Wife of Ash, and old friend. She too was taken by Rift, and was replaced by an Avatar (Artificial life form created by the Rift). She was mutated by Dick Grayson (showing what's really going on in Teen Titans), making her Starfire, but Robin lost control of her and she married Ash after he saved her from the control.
Brock Richards/Mr. Fantastic D.B. Sweeny
Brock Richards/Mr. Fantastic II (D.B. Sweeny) Blue Medical Officer
James Napier/Joker Jr. (Martin Short) Yellow Inventor
Jessie Naipier/ Titan (Tabitha St. Germain) Aquamarine Tactic Specialist
May Essex/Raven (Tara Strong) Black Mindbender
Cilan Morse/Chimera (Fred Tatasciore) Orange Enforcer
Tracey Sketchit/Streak (Steven Jay Blum) Indigo Daredevil
Iris Jane/Color Girl (Katie Griffin) White Watcher
Dawn Simmons/Jinx (Chiara Zanni) Violet Tracker
Max Essex/Power Bend (Will Friedle) Brown Guide
Peter Graceland/ Anti-Matter Boy (Khary Payton) Gray Chemist
Clement LeRoche/ Technician (Matt Olson) Cyan Mechanic
Bonnie LeRoche/ Thora  (Molly Quinn) Magenta Pilot
Serena Kex/Lioness  (Kari Wahlgren) Turqouise Investigator
Odette Swan/Swan  (Elle Deets) Pink Representative

Russia's FinestEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Ivan Kex/Ocmore (David Sobolov) Violet Commander
Michal Karloff/Grand Duke (Michael Ironside) Brown Arch Duke
Henri Kragloff/Lion Master (Gary Chalk) Gray Animal Tamer
Transacter (Dee Bradley Baker) Yellow Decoder
Dimitri Rasputin/Aquarias (Troy Baker) Green Enforcer
Micha Romanoff/Cutter (Fred Tatasciore) Orange Infiltration breaker
Forrest Richards/Wren (Daryl Sabara) Blue Swordsman
Vladimer Constance/The Hippo  (Travis Willingham) Indigo Demolisher
Deborah Kex/Crimson Cat (Moira Kelly) Red Spy
Wilbur Pastovich/Gray Owl (Ted Biaseli) Black Air Enforcement
Anastasia Moskva/Silverwolf (Venessa Marshall) Violet Animal Expert
Louie Kreistoff/Mad Louie  (Bumper Robinson) Magenta Scientist
Scrap-Metal (James Arnold Taylor) Turqouise Robotic Muscle
Rhinorilla N/A Cyan Demolition Expert
Misha Stepenutova/ Star-Dragon (Liem O'Brien) Aquamarine Air Specialist
Yuri Constance/Armstar (Yuri Lowenthal) Pink Representative

Krono KnightsEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Emperor Kronos Akbar Richard Armitage Indigo Emperor Ruler of the Kronos Empire, and a wise leader, he is the only one who listens to reason of the group, and feels alot of empathy towards others, he bears the Owl emblem.
Empress Kronos Selina (Olivia D'abo) Orange Empress Wife of Akbar, and sister of Crawl, she is a strong warrior, and an honest woman, she bears the Owl Emblem of reason.
King Kronos Crank  (Peter MacNicol) Magenta King Brother of Akbar but reduced to a Cyborg because of the great war, he is the time keeper, and has a crush on Siren Song.
Lord Jorgon Jones of Kronos  (Jonathan Adams) Green Lord Lord of the Kronos Empire, and brother of Tempest, he is the best swordsman of the Empire, and the most loyal of the group.
Duke Kronos Nuke (David Owelwo Cyan Duke
Commander Kronos Crawl (Steven Blum) Red Commander Brother of Selina, and Supreme commander of the Kronos Armada, he is a bowman, and a good shot, and he is more impulsive than most.
General Kronos Gasket   (Fred Tatasciore) White General The General of the group, and a exemplary Pilot, and he can handle a situation more than most, even the times of being court martial.
Major Kronos Ceratopsian (Travis Willingham) Yellow Major A Dino themed warrior, who has experience in the field, and is also known to be a rider of Triceratop's.
Col. Kronos Rain (Greg Ellis) Gray Colonel A Cyborg that has higher senses than any other creature. He is also very loyal to the empire. He is also part of the R.A.I.N. division.
Captain Kronos Eclipse (Gary Anthony Williams) Turqouise Captain He is the only one on a night shift he is so skilled at night that is what earned the name, he is also one who has access to the King's treasure keys, and protects them.
Sargent Kronos Ariod Cindy Robinson Aquamarine Sergeant
 Lieutenant Kronos Raddon (Keone Young) Pink Lieutenant The Asian Knight who serves the emperor like his ancestors did before him, he is also the most dependable of the group, and earn the title of Lieutenant.
Mystic Kronos Skeksis (Robin Atkin Downes) Brown Mystic The Only Skeksis to become good, and survive the death process, he is the magic user of the group, and advises the Emperor not to tamper with things they don't know yet.
Black Kronos Lance (James Patrick Stewart) Black Knight The Aerodactyl rider of the group, and he is very much a real knight, he often reminds himself of the Old Code, and always recites them.
Scout Kronos Clay (James Remar) Violet Scout He is a scout that has always been in the area first for clearances and for dangerous areas. He is also a warrior of great promises.
Hunter Kronos Jack (John DiMaggio) Blue Hunter The Hunter of the group, and the one who provides dinner for the Knights, he is also skilled with a flail. He is also good friends with Crystal Butterfly.

Project: UnicornEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Light-Fire (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) Expert Violet Admiral
Unicarn Brian Blessed Cyan Commander
Reshirem (Jenson Ackles) White Co Admiral
Cobra Commando (Bruce Greenwood) Brown Commander
Unicurn (Wally Kurth) Red Demolition
Trogdor (Keith Szarabajka) Orange Combat Specialist
Agent Jade Kelly Hu Aquamarine Spy
Zilla Wrestler (Mark Hildreth) Green Enforcer
Groveman (Bill Fagerbakke) Indigo Stealth Specialist
Druk (Troy Baker) Yellow Ex-Harpy Agent
Henry Gregg/Hyperion   (Travis Willingham) Black Muscle
Uni-Knight (Daniel Riordan) Gray Robotics
Fire-Lass  (Heather Hogan) Magenta Pyro Expert
Dr. Amanda Almalthea  (Lauren San Giamco) Turqouise Scientist
Crystal Butterfly   (Eric Bauza) Blue Drill Sergent
Vixen  (Tara Jayne) Pink Martial Artist

Davey Jones CrewEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Davy Jones (Frank Welker) Pink Captain Decendent of Davey Jones the 1st, and a noble Pirate against the cruelty of Z.I.N.C., he is very wise and very understanding of all noble Pirates.
Snake-Eyes (John DiMaggio) Red First Mate Called Snake-Eyes cause of his reptillian eye, and because of his Reptillian half. He is the most loyal first mate in the seven seas. He is very dependable, and loyal.
Captain Ragu (Danny Mann) Orange 2nd Mate A greedy fellow for treasure, but a freedom lover against the Z.I.N.C. He has the lost jeweled sword, and the pegleg from an island paradice, even lost an eye during the war.
Lyle Dent/The Pirate (Dee Bradley Baker) Blue 3rd Mate Lost his left eye, hand, and leg in a storm, but became a formidable pirate. He is good with his stories, and his ways of keeping the order in the crew.
Orc-Fish (Troy Baker) Violet 4th Mate A mutant trout that had gain human abilities, and pirated the polluters whom polluted his reef, and forced them to clean it up.
Siren Song (Candi Milo) Cyan Siren A beautiful Siren who's song can entrance a male, and other male sailors into the sea to gain their loot.
Cyber-Hook (Corey Burton) Green Navigator Became a Cyborg during the War, he is very much a bonified Navigator, he is comedic, and very much a laugh to be with.
Myrom (Tom Kenny) Black Crowsnest Watcher A Mutant Shrimp whom was with Orc-Fish in the past, and both plundered the polluters, he has excellent eye sight.
Skeleton (Bruce Thomas) White Undercover He made an armor based off a Skeleton to frighten superstitious folk, and loot their enemies.
Psycho Pirate (Dan Castelleneta) Brown Cook A deranged minded Pirate, and a very much good cook, and he is an expert combat veteran.
Scorp (Fred Tatasciore) Yellow Helmsman A humanoid Crab whom is fiercely loyal to Davy Jones, and is the strength of the group, he is not all bright.
Reckon-ire   (John DiMaggio) Gray Scorp's brother and Brig owner Scorps brother with a more fish like face, and is the owner of the brig, with the strength of 12 Sharks.
Ghost Crab (Dee Bradley Baker) Aquamarine Cabin Boy
Rex  (Kyle Hybert) Magenta Weaponsman An Alioramus from Mongolia, he is the one who keeps the weapons nice and safe, and he always have the keys.
The Shark Darran Norris Indigo Cannon Cleaner
Sebastian Fremar/Aquifer (Kirk Thornton) Turqouise Sub Division The Sub owner of the Aquifer, and he is a modern pirate who uses the sub as a ship, rather than a traditional one.
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