17 years after her mother went on a business trip to Hawaii, 17-year old Martha seeks to reconnect with her mother, who has been working for a long time, as they know the love they have to go through.


  • Martha Wendell (Anna Kendrick, Scarlett Estevez for child) - the film's main protagonist, 17-years old, her favorite part of spending time with her mother is hula dancing when she was a little girl, she seeks to reconnect with her when she has time to work, in the end, she ends up leaving Hawaii back home to New York with her boyfriend Lance.
  • Fiona Wendell (Rachel Weisz) - the film's deuteragonist, Martha's workaholic mother, whose been working at "Daryl's Computers" to help open a big office complex, her favorite part of spending time with her daughter is hula dancing with her, throughout the film, she spends some mother-daughter time with Martha, as well as meeting the Lisas, a mother-daughter hula dance team, and meets her new love interest, Dorian after her divorce with Mason, in the end, She moves to New York with Dorian in a penthouse.
  • Lance Lore (Jeff Ward) - the film's tritagonist, Martha's love interest, who meets her when she was going to reconnect with her mother, in the end, leaves Hawaii with Martha.
  • Mason Wendell (Ben McKenzie) - Martha's strict father and Fiona's ex-husband, he has been hard on Martha ever since, in the end, is in prison after assaulting Lance, who was protecting Martha.
  • Cromwell Desmond (David Conrad) - the film's main antagonist, Fiona's boss, who needs her in the "Daryl's Computers" as he "depends" on her, unaware he's just stealing her ideas, in the end, was arrested for fraud and is seen as Mason's cellmate.
  • Gloria Lisa (Auli'i Cravalho) - a 17-year old Hawaiian teeenager Fiona befriends, who does traditional hula dancing, she is going on strike on Desmond using his old business deal, in the end, Lives close to her mother.
  • Hala Lisa (Nicole Scherzinger) - Gloria's mother, who is also on strike against Desmond, she hula dances with her daughter, in the end, She takes over Desmond's job.
  • Dorian Chi (Benedict Wong) - the hula chanter, and Fiona's new love interest after her divorce with Mason, in the end, is seen with Fiona in a Penthouse in NYC.
  • Alfred Forrest (Riz Ahmed) - Desmond's business partner on opening the office complex, in the end, was also arrested for fraud.
  • Jinji (Zendaya) - one of the hula dancers that Martha befriends, in the end, runs a fund raiser.
  • Michi (Jing Tian) - one of the hula dancers that Martha befriends, in the end, runs a find raiser.
  • Nikki Wendell (Andrea Barber) - Martha's stepmother after Mason's divorce with Fiona, in the end, dies from an overdose.
  • Hans Ricksaw (John Cho) - Fiona's co-worker, in the end, becomes the new head.



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